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By Anonymous
can anyone explain to me what should i do to make my great scythe op?.......from the levels of dex and the rest
By Anonymous
Bro it's the great ****ing scythe. It already is OP. If u want, you can make it a chaos weapon. If u make it like that, you can just fill in the basic stat requirements for the weapon, then dump the rest to intelligence, vitality, endurance, and attunement.
By Anonymous
Not much to say here, it's great!
By Anonymous
You forgot to mention it's a scythe.
By Anonymous
Amazing weapon. High damage output. Used this on my first ng and i might've accidentally weakened my skill because i don't have anything stronger to use on ng+. Also great for killing Solaire. 10/10
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This would be an okay comment but then the last line just caused you to get dislike bombed lol
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bye Solaire
By LiterallyMe
How to be OP in 10 minutes:

- Warrior, Master Key;
- Kill Ass-ylum Demon, go to Firelink;
- Go to the Catacombs with shield up, passing through every skeleton on the level;
- Pick this baby boy;
- Kill Jokewheel for easy 14k souls;
- 14 str, 14 dex, the rest you put in endurance (or a few in health if you're a scrub boi);
- Go back to Firelink and down to New Londo;
- Go through Valley of Drakes and to Darkroot;
- Pick Weed Shield for stamina regen, then back rub Havel the **** for Havel's Ring;
- Kill Taurus for easy 3k and go to the Church;
- Free Lautrec and kick him down in Firelink;
- Go to Andre and buy 9 Tits for +5 baby boi;
- Success!!!
By Anonymous
>Buy 9 of Andre's tits
What did he mean by this ?
By Anonymous
titanite from andre in undead parish.
By Anonymous
Ayo my boi Andre out here sellin em tiddes
By Anonymous
you forgot Wolf´s Ring.
By Anonymous
you sound really annoying
By Anonymous
The backstab animation is bizarre (you stab with the blunt top side, which seems kind of impossible). Fantastic weapon though. Running attack melts bosses.
By Anonymous
its possible with 99 strength
By Anonymous
It’s because it’ll hurt more, you twit!
By Anonymous
I have only 30 Dex, just got to Anor Londo and this boy is mowing through the level like it is nothing
By Anonymous
only 30? 40 is already soft cap in ds1.
By Anonymous
Put lightning on it. I beat Gwyn and joined the blades of the dark moon at level 12. I just used F&P + a pyro flame and gold-hemmed robes. Give it a try!