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By Anonymous
how can I get this weapon to +10 ? I have given the large amber to andre but he doesn't allow me to upgrade it,do I need the very large amber for that or is it something else ?
By Anonymous
You can´t upgrade weapons that need twinkling titanite more than +5. The same like with dragon weapons (need dragon scales) and boss weapons (demon titanite).
It´s like that in all Dark souls games. Unique, Boss and Dragon weapons can´t be upgraded above +5.
By Anonymous
You cannot go past 5
By Anonymous
I’m all about swords. I wanted the Black Knight Sword, like I used on my first playthrough on the original version, but it wouldn’t drop. Got this instead. Maybe it’s a sign.
By Anonymous
Can't seem to get mines to +15
By Anonymous
Really cool
It dropped for me
But I couldn't give up my chaos two hander....
By Anonymous
I was so close to getting this if I hadn't riposte'd him down the cliff
By Anonymous
Actually, you still get the drop if he goes down the cliff.
By Anonymous
Who said Dark Souls doesn't have easy mode?
By Anonymous
i am almost done with my first playthrough but i also wanna make a youtube video on the whole darksouls game with another ending and this is the weapon to do it fast
By Anonymous
Decided to try out my first fromsoftware game in preparation for elden ring and got dark souls 1. Still on my first playthrough and I was running an uchigatana build but I killed a black knight and he dropped this. This weapon is insane!
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