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By Anonymous
Is there any way to "secure" the weapon? I'm starting to speedrun the game but i got 1 Halberd in way more than 20 attempts. Not getting it kills the run (the one time i got it i missplay the next glitch, dumb of me).
By Anonymous
Consume the Humanity you find at the well at Firelink-shrine while riding the Elevator down. In doing so you increase your Item-discovery chance.
By pelida77
No its random. Its RNG and it sucks haha, but yeah you can slightly increase your chance with humanity, you won't see that much difference though, be warned... On the other hand you can find comfort knowing that there are worse drops (The black knight that drops the Great Sword in the tower is an SOB bully hahaha) If you really like SpRunning the game because of the fun you can go for other weapons, unless you think you can become better than Catalyst or Kahmul or a hotshot like that.
By Anonymous
Speed runs using glitches mean nothing to me.
By Anonymous
huren son
By Anonymous
I highly recommend not getting this weapon if you are a new player. Most enemies will get one-shotted by this horrifyingly beautiful halberd and that takes away the spirit of Dark Souls. If you do this you've gone Hollow already.
By Anonymous
What a dumb thing to say. If its in the game its a viable strategy, and apart of the souls spirit.
By Anonymous
Idk why people had to dislike this comment so hard. I thought it was hilarious.

Started a fresh quality build and got a lucky drop in Darkroot Basin after cheesing the Black Knight with the zweihander. Now, I’m one-shotting everything in the Undead Parish, blasting through hollows even when their shields are up. I killed the titanite Demon next to Andre with the sloppiest technique I’ve ever displayed in a souls game (running attack, spam r1, don’t even dodge, spam r1, done). I also took out some drakes just to see if I could.

For sure, play the game however you want and use whatever strategy works for you, but if this was my first playthrough, I would’ve learned absolutely nothing so far about reading enemy movements or playing carefully and skillfully. It’d’ve been a hard reckoning when I found out I actually had to learn to manage my stamina.

I don’t think the first comment needed to be taken super seriously, it’s just funny to notice how the BKH absolutely demolishes enemies.
By Anonymous
Meh, new players are still going to die a lot regardless of weapon choice. Toxic blowdarts, traps, your own greed and hubris making you go for that extra hit, and gravity (oh, God gravity). This game is still punishing for new players regardless. The spirit of the game is pain, and it is indomitable.
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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I've been cleaning up the entire Weapons sections as well as the Classes sections removing misleading opinions and/or information and what I've seen here is by far of the most childish, poorly written and opinionated statements. This is especially bad considering it's on a Weapon that is powerhouse in which said statements are intentionally misleading the public. For those reading this comment post-edit, know that everything has been cleaned up and the facts are listed now. 
By pelida77
I think the facts are the ones in the main section (the actual wiki), and here in the comments people post their opinions... In any case, for me the Black Knight Halberd is a mid-tier weapon and perhaps for you is a... a "powerhouse" hahahah, do you see? it is subjective
By pelida77
Also, the managers of this site (of whom you are or at least pretend to be part of?) let anyone, anyone! to post their ANONYMOUS opinions, and then you complain when you find misleading "childish" info?
By Anonymous
pelida77 do the world a favor and never make any tier lists. If you think this is mid-tier, you're genuinely dumb. It's one of the best weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Wait this is rare? I’m still on my first playthrough ever and I accidentally got it by slipping of a cliff and the dude locked onto me and jumped of lol
By Anonymous
Lucky you. Its something like a 20% drop rate and that first knight doesn't respawn so you can't get another until the end of the game.
By MoiSensei
Please don't use this on your first playthrough.... it's straight up easy mode lmao
By Anonymous
Sounds good to me because I honestly ran out of patience for DS1 and just want to finish it once
By Anonymous
Please don’t breed, we don’t need any more r.e.t.a.r.d.s like you on this planet.
By Anonymous
And the Experienced players specifically those that mastered hitting enemies with only the 1st strike Pros.
By Anonymous
this just straight up isn't a halberd, it's a bisento at best
By Anonymous
I'd say it's more of a glaive, as it's blade curls slightly at the tip, like a scimitar.
By Anonymous
It’s so obviously a glaive, it was even renamed “glaive” in ds3.
By Anonymous
True. A halberd should be more spear and less axe.
By Anonymous
I do mid level invasions (lvl 60), sometimes up to 100 in a day, this and the greatsword are BY FAR the most popular weapon choices for players within my level range. I could doge these in my sleep now. Both have too much recovery time and make for easy pickings. I will say these against light armor are devastating if contact is made but then again, ninja flips...
By Anonymous
so what do you recommend for pvp that isn't magic?
By Anonymous
OP here. For mid level (around 60) katanas and being nimble are really good for pvp. Keep a Crest Shield on standby incase you face magic user. Balder side sword is also a good secondary weapon. Use a lighter armor set up with the wolf ring for poise.
By Anonymous
First play on the Switch. Extemely lucky with the drop since it's a rare weapon. You don't understand how much fun this weapon is especially in PvP where they get hit even though, visually, they are out of my halberd's range.
By Anonymous
This took me 15 tries to get
By Anonymous
I get these way too often, wish I could send you guys some lol.
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