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By Anonymous
Fun fact: if you put the black knight Halberd in your left hand you can put great magic shield on it :)
By Anonymous
Been playing this game for like 10 years now and I've gotten the Baldur Side Sword, Painting Guardian Sword, titanite Catch Pole but never got this drop or even know anybody who got this drop
By Anonymous
skill issues
By Anonymous
Very easy to save scum on ps4.
By Anonymous
I have it
By Anonymous
I did the 8 minute speed run to get it, took me 20 tries rofl, idk how it says 20% chance, guess I'm unlucky
By Anonymous
I got it my first time playing the game, from the first one i killed in dark root basin
By Anonymous
kill a black knight dipshit
By Anonymous
lol I have 5, playing on this char since last week, just farm kiln of the first flame with gold serpent ring and 10 humanity or simbol of avarice.
By Anonymous
This weapon absolutely trivializes PvE. It is such an uncontested beast, looks sexy, and just makes you a total badass with minimal effort.
By Anonymous
i just 2-3 hit Pinwheel with this ascended +5

i know pinwheel is a mage type w low def but holy crap, anti-climatic boss lol
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