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By Anonymous
OP AS **** ON PVE.
By Anonymous
i have 20 of each black knight weapon
By Anonymous
i led all the black knights to the ledge had 2 somons we all back stabed them the fell of
By Anonymous
i got 1 of each black knight weapons and the shield and ornstein armor best armor the black knight halberd also is helpful seath got killed first try he dead meat in NG+ got him bad and 2 shot gwyn fuc k it good and get ornstein spear best weapon
By Anonymous
You can't type properly, are 4 years old but any means?
By Anonymous
From farming black knight weapons at kiln, I got 5 black knight Sword's, 6 black knight Greatsword's, 6 black knight Greataxe's, and ONE black knight Halbert!
By pelida77
For PVE is quite good. Among a lot of weapons that are good to beat the game (and I really can't tell the difference between them). Now MY OPINION for PVP, it's quite good, not a bad weapon for sure but I'd say it's a mid-tier weapon or maybe high tier? but definitely not among the absolute best. Why not? Well, the move set is fine, though it doesn't have a great reach (for a Halberd that is) or variability, you are doing the same over and over which is expected with a Halberd, but the thing is with a Halberd you play safe at a distance and... again, the reach is not good. So, that's the problem.
Also, the base damage is fine but it scales str and dex D, E = not good. The R2 is not the worst thing ever, but not really good, the running attack is horrible like with all halberds... A much much better weapon is in my opinion the Halberd, the simple halberd.
Now, that said its a really cool looking weapon, with some really cool looking animations, and definitely fun to play with.
By Anonymous
among what?
By Anonymous
Whoever wrote this particular page really likes the word uniquely. No shade, just something I noticed.
By Anonymous
It does not outdamage the other BK weapons. BKGA has ~ 100 more AR even on 40/40
By Anonymous
hmmmm yes i agree with this
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