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By Anonymous
Can anyone please explain me why is this weapon better than for example a +5 raw greatclub for early game? Raw is quicker to upgrade (for shards reasons) and the base damage is not far from this one. I got the helberd early but i cant seem to find a reason to invest into it, there might be better weapons that use the same shards for upgrade you know?
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By MatinArtorias
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Too heavy,even heavier than ULTRA greatswords.
Regular poise damage.
Too much stat requirements. 18 dex req?! LoL who even levels dex?
Vertical swings that are unsuitable for crowd control.
Doesn't have a 2hR2 attack.
Damage is also not that high,outdamaged by gravelord sword and zweihander which both can be obtained 1 minutes away from the tutorial area
D-E scaling sucks.
Ruins your first playthrough by requiring 0 skill.
Can't be buffed.
Can't be infused (uh look at ds2).
Heck expensive upgrade material.
1hR2 sucks,not even 2 strikes, just one with really long windup.
R1s are also slow and if you miss them you are screwed with the weight of this
I,a veteran who has played most of soulsborne games,can officially confirm: his thing right here is overrated. The damage might be high but it's just almost flat and unbuffable.
My chaos zweihander performs 10 times better with 10 dex and 16 str.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
were you a clown your whole life?
By Anonymous
Lol your just bad
By Anonymous
Lmao, go back to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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By PriscillaWuzTaken
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I'm pretty sure this is satire and im pretty sure people took the bait
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By HavelTheGlock
Yep, it’s pretty clear at least 50 people fell for it. Guess that makes a good satire
By Anonymous
Best weapon for girls
By Anonymous
That is , If girls are smarter than men
By Anonymous
Got it, I'll do a build with this sometime
By Anonymous
am i a pretty girl?
By Anonymous
Does improving dexterity pay more than improving strength? Does it make attacks faster? Or for this specific weapon is it better to improve strength because it scales better? I'm new in the game.
By Anonymous
Yes, so E scaling is between 0-25% D scaling means that each point in strenuous will add some damage to this.
By Anonymous
good job person above me for completely avoiding to answer his question...
Dexterity doesnt make your attacks faster, both Strength and Dexterity both do the same thing, which is that they increase damage
By Anonymous
Thr King of kings
By Anonymous
I hate to encourage dishonest gaming, but if you play on PC, found a halberd knight and absolutely MUST have this...

By Anonymous
Isn't there only one Halberd BK in the entire game before the Kiln? Afaik the one in Darkroot is your only source for a long while
By Anonymous
This is the only weapon left for my platinum run... I'm on NG+2 now and have not got it yet. Even after farming a lot the kiln knights... The worst this is that I only noticed it now after getting all boss weapons...
By Anonymous
Be glad you realize it now before beating the game
By Anonymous
If you get this early, congratulations! You have the key to beating the entire game. Fast, hard hitting, cool looking, this weapon does it all
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