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I never knew Onionbros worked on sound-based spells.
I thought the poise would be more!!! Wanted higher poise considering
Hmmm…hmm…hmmm? Oh!
Surprisingly light-weight for its resistances. It's only 3.2 units heavier than the Elite Knight set (and only on the gauntlets), but it offers better base resistances and better poise. The comparison gets a bit tighter as you upgrade the Elite Knight set, and it's beaten by all the actual heavy armors... but dang this set is surprisingly cost-effective for how early you get it.
pretty good set
Currently torn between this and the Steel set... steel has slightly higher Poise, but catarina is much better all around. ....but.... fashion souls....
The fact that you need Twinkling titanite to upgrade this armor set boggles my mind. What the hell was From thinking? This isn't THAT good a set.
but twinkling titanite is super easy and quick to farm lol