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By Anonymous
I can never get this weapon until the very end of the game and I have wanted to use it for one of my play throughs for so long, but looks like I'm stuck with the zweihander this time
By Anonymous
You can make a new character and speedrun to the Black Knight in the tower next to the bonfire under Undead Parish,pop couple of humanities you've gotten along the way and kill him,if it doesn't drop,make new character and try again,shouldn't take too long till it drops.
By Anonymous
Started using this for my first playthrough, I can see why people love greatswords so much! Very cool weapon and fun to use
By Anonymous
I hate those filthy demon immigrants who bring their filth to Lordran and steal jobs from us honest folk
By Anonymous
lordran kkk
By Anonymous
guts sword probably
By Anonymous
The UGS called "greatsword" is actually Guts' sword i believe
By SemiZeul21
I got this on my first playthrough and didnt really know what it is. now on my second playthrough i got it again. Am I, in fact, The Chosen Undead?
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