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I've been confused on how to get to him from fire link shrine. Can anyone guide me on how to?
You can take the shortcut to the Undead Burg up the lift and make your way across the long bridge near the church to a tower and find him on the bottom floor.
If it is your first time playing, make your way through the Undead Burg, taking the path that leads up the side of the mountain (if you face the mountain from the bonfire it's on the right), and from there it's pretty straight forward. When you get to the area with Balder Knights (cool undead guys with red capes and rapiers) you should be near a church. Look for a long bridge and follow it to a building, which leads down two flights of stairs. There is a bonfire here. Andre is on the bottom floor.
It seems that he is the only NPC in the entire game with lip sync...
There is a pretty interesting backstory for that.
Quelaag's Sister has lip sync as well. Probably to indicate to the player that she is attempting to speak to you.
what about that one dead andre looking corpse after the moonlight butterfly
There are another corpses all over Lordran. I think that someone turned the blackmithes into the embers. (Every) of the "stone" blacksmiths have a ember and they are praying or begging
thats andre's long lost brother.
It's not Andre they just reused the model lol
if i kill this andre,how i can revive him?
After a while of teleporting he will respawn then you have to pray to the one statue to get rid of your sins
That’s for dk3
I'm in bromance with this guy,he's so helpful
This is old news, but I'm surprised it's still not listed here. In early drafts for Dark Souls, Andre was scripted to be Gwyn's firstborn, until they came up with the story of betrayal and instead relegated him to the role of a mere blacksmith of Astora. Perhaps that explains his... unique character model, which happens to bear some semblance to Gwyn.
I have a theory that he's the supposedly deceased god of blacksmiths "who's death created the titanite demons" we find him tucked away in a tiny room in the middle of nowhere, with a half finished titanite demon in the next room, without a care in the world
Check the weapon he is smithing. ******, I've been trying to farm that for two hours!! Give me that or at least sell it!
How are you farming a weapon unique to andre?
He's talking about the Balder Side Sword, but it looks more like a rapier to me.
Dear God! I accidentally killed him early on and now I can’t kill the boss in Anor Londo because I can only get a 5+ zwiehander! Is there any other way to get a 10+ weapon to give it a lightning enchantment?
Try the giant blacksmith idk
No, but you can still make a fire zweihander at Vamos in the catacombs, and then eventually the legendary chaos zweihander
git gud
How on earth do you "accidentally kill" someone. More like you chose to kill him and regret it
"Now let's compare his hand to size of my head! Andre the-" *Died*
I get your reference. You beautiful b*stard you!