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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I've had her appear even when I don't have a pyromancy flame and keep in mind that second part could be true it is just that she is buggy
Note : she doesn't want to talk to you anymore when your Chaos Pyromancy Flame is +5
Did i just get r/woosh'd, or is there actually something called a Chaos Pyromancy flame??
She didn't appear in my playthrough
you need +15 pyrowepnhand the page says...
Will she disappear after you found her and have defeated the bed of chaos or will she stay afterwards?
She stays, like the wiki said after you complete her request (killing Bed of Chaos) she gifts you the pyromancy Fire Tempest. If you want it earlier you have to kill her.
I can confirm that if u buy all her s*** and complete her quest she says sth like I got nothing else to do here and disappears b**** didn't even w8 for me to ascend a flame for snuggly
wtf she just randomly attacked me
Did you kill Quelaag? (The Fair Lady aka pale spider lady) Because if you did, Quelana becomes hostile.
I think you're confusing Quelaag and Quelaan.
Killing Quelaag does not make Quelana hostile
You may be confusing Quelana with Quelaag
Can confirm after 9+ playthroughs (8 Of which entirely offline) that EVERY different character saw her where should be always. Never once had an upgraded flame before seeing her.
Can confirm in my own NG playthrough thag she does not appear if you haven't spoken to her before after killing the Bed of Chaoz pyromancer
"She is one of seven daughters sired by the Witch of Izalith" To sire offspring means to be the male parent. I'm sure the Witch of Izalith is female.
The Witch may have produced her offspring asexually, in which case this point is moot
Lol @ replier
Replier may have a point - reproduction when it comes to Gods and Lords in Souls lore may be more metaphysical and dissimilar to human reproduction. AFAIK Gwyn is never described as having a wife and neither Nameless King, Gwynevere or Gwyndolin are described as having a mother. So the real misuse of terms here may not be "sired" but rather the use of "male" and "female," with respect to human biological reproduction instead of gender roles, to describe Gods and Lords.
Don't know why it's not stated here, but according to the Blighttown walkthrough page, she also appears after seeing Quelaag, whether or not you defeated her, OR if you have a Pyromancy Flame of +10 or higher.
You have to defeat Quelaag to progress and ring the second Bell of Awakening, though
She wont talk to me. what's up with that? (I don't have the chaos pyromancy flame at all)