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By Anonymous
I’m willing to 60 humanity for 21 dragon scales
By Anonymous
One shorting the drakes with Dark Bead makes me a very happy farmer
By Anonymous
One-shotting* we love typos
By Anonymous
to anyone who realistically doesn't want to farm these here's a dupe guide, i know it's morally wrong or whatever but it's better than finally getting potd rank 2 when you're 160 years old
By Anonymous
If you only needed rank 1 for the torso stone, it might be less understandable; but really you just save too much time for it to be wrong
By Anonymous
LOL ok first of all, thanks dude!

Second of all, think about what you just said. Why, precisely, is it wrong? Who is being harmed?

Nobody. It isn't wrong at all, don't worry about it bro :)
By Anonymous
We is it
By Anonymous
**** you
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate these things. There are barely any in the overworld, duping them is a *****, they're a rare drop from one of the most annoying enemy in the game that just flies around over and over again, and you can't trade some dumb twinkling titanite for them with frampt. But alas, I can't play online and I want the dragon torso stone maxed out. Damn you From.
By Anonymous
why can't you play online :)
By Anonymous
whos a dragonslayer now ornstein
By Anonymous
Writing this here for anyone who's interested to farm these offline:
Get the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and use 1 humanity at least (The more humanity you use the better)
Go to valley of drakes and farm the 6 drakes
You should get 10 in like 30 minutes , potentially more if you use 10 humanity
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By SoulOfCinderGaming
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just dupe these things because grinding them is actually going to make you depressed
By Anonymous
Umm, how do you dupe these? Please tell me, because I'm desperate lol
By Anonymous
was my day off and spent all day grinding the remaining 58 i needed.
By Anonymous
The drakes from valley of drakes are mentioned twice in the location tab
By Anonymous
Yeah whenever I do a Dragon playthrough or use any dragon weapons. I just dupe these things. Much easier than farming them.
By Anonymous
what dupe method do you use?
By Anonymous
please, online no longer exists... God the grind is almost as bad as titanite Slab farming...