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I used this offline
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I love to Co-op but what's up with that psychological element that makes me immediately die upon being summoned with a new setup? Like I'm fine in singleplayer but when another player is involved I just die instantly, as If the universe itself wanted to embarass me
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Pretty useless item if you don't play with friends using password for co-op.

I've been trying many times leaving sign here and there to help random players. Near the boss fog gates, near bonfires, in difficult areas or heavy pvp zones. No one ever wanted to summon my phantom for help.
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Because you need to be in the soul level of the players in the area to find a good amount of players. Moreover, I think those who reach advanced stages don't summon a lot because of the humanity system or because they prefer to avoid invasions and so on.

DS1 is a bit open world, so it can easily happen that players are of the wrong soul level for co-op or pvp. Also, I think that the playerbase shrinked a lot because of DS3 and Elden Ring.
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Yeah that's why so many people hate the password system... Getting summoned is basically impossible when 90% of casual players are just gonna summon their own friends, why would they ever consider bringing a random along?

That and the inherent problem of bringing in a level 300 Monster Summon to carry you through the game completely destroying the challenge
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نکته : برای درست دیدنِ این متن، ابتدا واردِ برنامۀ وُرد شوید و بعد، متن را پِیست کنید و به صورتِ راست‌چین در آوردید.

آموزش CO-OPبازی کردنDark Souls Remastered :

برای اینکه شما بتوانید به عنوان Phantom به دنیای دوستتان وارد شوید و به او کمک کنید یا برعکس، باید یکسری کار داخل بازی انجام دهید :

1- به قسمت Network settings رفته سپس در قسمت matchmaking password ، رمزعبوری انتخاب کنید و آن را به دوستتان دهید تا وارد کند.

2- به دست آوردن White Sign Soapstone :
بعد از کشتن Taurus Demon و صحبت کردن با Solaire of Astora درصورتی که به هر 2 سوال او پاسخyes بدهید این Item را به دست می‌آورید.
(شخصی که میخواهد به دنیای دوستش به عنوان Phantom وارد شود باید این Item را داشته باشد و آن را USE کند)

3-Humanity Restored :
باید Item خاصی به نام Humanity را به دست آورید و آن را در Inventory تان USEکنید سپس در یکBonfire رفته و گزینه Hollowing Reverse را انتخاب کنید.
(توجه داشته باشید که :
* این Item به راحتی به دست نمی‌آید و در استفاده از آن دقت کنید.
* هر دو بازیکن یعنی هم شما و هم دوستتان باید این کار را انجام بدید.
* اگر کشته شوید، باید دوباره باید از این Item استفاده کنید تا Humanity Restored تان را به دست آورید.)

4- به دست آوردن Dried Finger :
این Item را میتوانید از Undead Merchant خریداری کنید که در Undead Burg هست.
(شخصی که میخواهد به دنیای دوستش به عنوان Phantom وارد شود باید این Item را داشته باشد و
آن را بعد ازUSE کردن White Sign Soapstone ، USE کند)

*بعد از انجام این مراحل، حدود 1 دقیقه صبر کنید تا علامت ظاهر شود.

*مناطقی که Boss آن را شکست داده اید به احتمال زیاد علامت ظاهر نمی شود.
(یعنی نمی توانید آنجا را به صورت CO-OP انجام دهید)

* برای CO-OPبازی کردنDark Souls Remastered درPS4 و PS5 ، 2 مورد دیگر نیاز است :

1- داشتن اتصال اینترنتی با NAT Type 2 یا 1 است.
(معمولا اینترنت گوشی های موبایل 4G ، NAT Type2 است)

2- داشتن اشتراک پلی استیشن پلاس
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CO-OP Play Dark Souls Remastered:

In order for you to enter your friend's world as a Phantom and help him, you have to do some in-game work:

1- Go to Network settings, then in the matchmaking password section, select the password and give it to your friend to enter.

2- Obtaining White Sign Soapstone:
After killing Taurus Demon and talking to Solaire of Astora, if you answer yes to both of his questions, you will get this Item.
(Someone who wants to enter their friend's world as a Phantom must have this Item and USE it)

3-Humanity Restored:
You need to get a special item called Humanity and USE it in your Inventory, then go to a Bonfire and select the Hollowing Reverse option.
(notice that :
* This item is not easy to obtain and be careful in using it.
* Both players mean you and your friend have to do this.
* If you are killed, you must use this Item again to get your Humanity Restored.)

4- Obtaining Dried Finger:
You can buy this item from Undead Merchant in Undead Burg.
A person who wants to enter the world of his friend as a Phantom must have this Item and
USE it after USE White Sign Soapstone)

* After performing these steps, wait about 1 minute for the symptom to appear.

* Areas where you have defeated the Boss are unlikely to show the mark.
(Ie you can not do it as CO-OP)

* To play Dark Souls Remastered CO-OP on PS4 and PS5, 2 more are required:

1- Having an internet connection with NAT Type 2 or 1.
(Usually the internet for 4G mobile phones is NAT Type2)

2- Having a PlayStation Plus subscription
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Uh, the summon doesnt need to be human neither to have (any of them) used a dried fiinger, it is only necesary to summon more than 2 phantoms