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Wouldn't give it me the first time and didn't drop it
It might be a little late but did you say yes to both of his questions?
“and didn’t drop it” You're a monster...
I randomly lost my soapstone, any ideas why this happened?
I accidentally put mine in my bottomless box. Maybe you put yours there


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I randomly lost my soapstone, any ideas why this happened?
Check bottomless box, I left mine there for the majority of my first play through thinking I had lost it
I lost my soapstone randomly somehow
I’m an idiot I put it in my bottomless box
I was a even bigger idiot because I did the same thing except I didn't figure it out on my own and only thought to look after reading your post.
Wtf, mine was also in the box and I’m positive I didn’t put it there, I think it’s a bug
I killed Bell Gargoyles without talking to Solaire he is no longer in the initial area do I have to get to Anor Londo for the soapstone now?
For me he appeared after quitting and reloading. This was after I killed the gargoyles, saw he wasn’t there, panicked and killed Taurus, then went back.
Has any one had trouble wit putting their soapstone down recently
Yeh, it’s weird. No idea what’s happening.
Literally just had that problem and came here to figure it out
Yep. He does the action but it won’t appear on the ground
Yes it won’t appear when I put it down but the character does the action
can't see the soapstone on the ground even with the animation going off
I killed him but this didn't drop?
Did you already receive it from him?