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By Anonymous
In the "notes" section it says you can ascend after reaching +10, but then later it says it must be +15...
Is this just an error, or is there some criteria to get it ascended as early as level 10?
By Anonymous
You can only ascend at +15
By Anonymous
I think it means at +10 Quelana spawns.
By Anonymous
Quelana spawns at +10. At +15, you’ll get the option to ascend your flame under the “modify equipment” tab. You’ll notice that the icon for the flame will change, and it will say “Pyromancy Foame +0”
By Anonymous
You can ascend at +10 just did it
By Birbinabowl
It appears that pyromancers flames that are either over +10 or are ascended with Queelana cannot be dropped to summons
By Birbinabowl
[This could be a bug that doesn't occur all the time]
By Anonymous
Kind of ironic. With a Pyromancy Flame you can conjure up huge fireballs and mighty firestorms, but not in the least light up the Tomb of Giants ...
By Anonymous
i think flames can burn our hands completely if kept active fr too long the intro video of DS 1 ....u can see hands of witch of izalith too burnt .....even after being most powerful pyromancer in the world when alive
By Anonymous
As Luzes necessárias para a Tumba são amaldiçoadas, por isso a coroa de verme ilumina tanto quando a lanterna de caveira. ambos itens são provenientes de maldições!
By Anonymous
dang anon you made me go back and rewatch the opening cutscene and your right! the witches hands ARE burned!
By Anonymous
You can buy the spell Cast Light from the DLC lady after defeating the hydra at darkroot basin
By Anonymous
I rather thought of "making our own bonfires" as first thought of practical usages of fire. Which would also be a great game mechanic imho. Just make the resources or cooldown for it extremely rare / long.
By Anonymous
Flame can only be ascended at +15 not +10.
By Anonymous
It can ascend at +10.....old I know
By Anonymous
are you spawning with it, or do you need to aquire it with pyromancer?
By Moosh
If you choose Pyromancer as your starting class, you spawn with it. Otherwise you will need to acquire it from a pyromancer.
By Anonymous
If you pick the Pyromancer class, you'll get it at the start in the Undead Asylum. If you pick some other class, you'll only get it after rescuing Laurentius from the Depths.
By Plushfire5
I got the Pyromancy Flame from Eingyi with only 11 Intelligence.
By Anonymous
You need 12 attunement not intelligence
By Anonymous
iiiii dont want to set the world ooon fiiiiiiiiiiiiire
iiiii just want to staaaaart a flame in my hand
By Anonymous
fallout vibes
By Anonymous
Isn't it "After you reach +10, talk to Quelana of Izalith in Blighttown (Swamp) to ascend the flame." +15?
By Anonymous
No, you can ascend your pyroflame from +0 to+15 to ascended +0-+5 with quelana and she is the only NPC who can ascend your pyro flame to ascended state
By Anonymous
why is it that i bought a pyromancy flame from laurentius, upgraded it to +11 before he left due to Quelaggs defeat and Quelana didnt spawn. Anyone know why?
By Anonymous
needs to be +15
By Anonymous
Have you Killed Bed of Chaos before getting the pyromancy flame to +10?
By Anonymous
The pyromancy dude is gone after showing him chaos flame and i killed the creepy guy next to the girl who gives chaos flame, so where do I to upgrade my pyromancy flame go?
By Anonymous
If you have your flame at +10 then you can talk to quelanna near quelagg's domain
By Anonymous
if you haven't upgraded it at +10?