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By Anonymous
How does scaling work here? Do you need to level stats to make your pyromancies stronger or do you only have to level the flame itself?
By Anonymous
Just level the flame.
By Anonymous
No scaling, just level the flame itself
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"If you have less than 12 Int Eingyi will not offer you the flame." That is not true. I receive it even i have only 11 Int.
By Anonymous
Yeah it’s wrong. You only need 10 int
By Anonymous
she won't ascend my flame +15!!! wtf?
By Anonymous
in the flame upgrade window of her dialogue, check that there is a new tab next to the ordinary upgrade, similar to a blacksmith's modification window
By Anonymous
She needs your souls. And we speak of the creepy robed Quel____ not the kinky spider Quel____. Kinky spider chick is actually not named. not sure where the wiki got the name for her honestly.
By Anonymous
wait, the dude who was talking about kinky spiders which kinky spider chick? the daughter of chaos?
By Anonymous
Theres a mistake here. Pyro Flame here says scales with Str, Dex and Int. In game only scales with Int.
By Anonymous
scales with dex for the pyro flame. it ups cast time and thats it and to my knowledge there isnt a int scaling for pyro flame
By Anonymous
Like the person before me said about it scaling with dex. Int does nada (I've seen it in Cheat Engine). I think ppl are confused so much (rightfully so) because pyromancy does get a boost from the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. That ring is the only form of int that effects pyromancy.
By gearhound
Pyromancy Flame scales with INT only.
By Anonymous
Pyromancy ONLY scales with the level of your flame, neither int nor dex. The cast-speed however increases with higher dex as with all spells.
By Anonymous
guys ok pyro dont scale with nothing axept dex for scaling but the flame still scale
By Anonymous
By King_Havel
Pyromancies do not scale with anything. The ONLY things that increase their damage are:
- Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring;
- Crown of Dusk;
- Crown of the Dark Sun;
- Upgrading the Pyromancy Flame.
By Anonymous
Is it possible to obtain two of these?
By Anonymous
It's actually possible to get three in one play through. One comes with the pyromancer starting class, one from Laurentius, and one from Eingyi. Note that niether Laurentius, nor Eingyi will give you a pyromancy flame if you already have one in your possesion. I think this can be bypassed by storing your pyromancy flames in the bottomless box.
By Anonymous
Tested, and that is correct. Started Pyro - had a flame, stored it. Saved Laurentius - got a flame, stored it. Talked like an Omlette with Eingyi - got a flame, unegged my face.
By Anonymous
Anon - Thank you. I could not find this anywhere. I guess you can trade a basic Pyro Flame +0 to Snuggly for Red titanite Chunk. And trade a Pyro Flame +15 ascended once over to +0 for Red titanite Slab. This trade is underwhelming, but the previous one is good for other class types who get the Pyro Flame and don't use it. A Pyro could trade in extras before a New Game + anyways I suppose.
By Anonymous
Why would storing in the box affect anything? The box is in your inventory..

This doesnt work btw.
By Anonymous
I believe increasing attunment makes the flame stronger. Needs confirmation.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Nothing makes pyromancies stronger other than upgrading the Pyromancy Flame. Pyromancies don't scale with any other stat. The only stat which has some use for pyromancies is DEX, the higher your DEX, the faster you'll cast your pyromancies, the maximum casting speed is reached at 45 DEX.
By Anonymous
Attunment only gives more slots for equiping more spells/pyromancies, the more slots you have, the more spells you can equip. Attunment doesn't have any influence on the spells or pyromancies power. Miracles's power scale with FAITH, sorceries's power scale with INT, and pyromancies's power grow by upgrading the Pyromancy Flame (FAITH and INT have no influence on pyromancy).
By Anonymous
It's enchantable? Really??
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Am I correct in assuming that upgrading this in the remastered version is the same as upgrading any weapon im terms of matchmakimg
By Anonymous
as far as i can tell
By Anonymous
Yes it is classified as a wep for matchmaking. So maxing it out will only allow you to play with players that have a +9 or greater upgraded wep (or a +5 upgraded unique wep)
By Anonymous
I had a +15 Flame and was trying to upgrade it any further but instead i mistaked and downgraded it obviously to level 0. Can anyone help me.
By Anonymous
If you upgraded the flame via Quelana of Izalith's "modify equipment" then you have not "downgraded" it - you have received a more powerful flame (the picture should look slightly different, with a larger flame). This new flame is better than the old +15 flame and can be upgraded further to +5.
By Anonymous
exactly what he said. it strange because it doesn't say 'ascended' pyromancy flame or anything but it is in fact stronger