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By Anonymous
amazing weapon for PvP 28 str 45 dex gets this beast some insane damage. the r1s have slow start up but have very very fast endlag. r1 into kick is strong af. r1 into look for backstab is strong. both the running attacks are strong. the r2s are interesting there okay at best and the rolling attack is garbage. thing hits like a truck and has good backstab damage. 100% amazing weapon right here
By Anonymous
Anyone using this beast of a weapon with 45+ DEX is automatically a fully min/maxed pyromancer at the same time. Lowkey probably the most efficient PvE steamroll build in the game.
By Anonymous
With a fully upgraded Giant Armor and Giant Leggings , Knight Gauntlets , and Mask of the Mother , at 55 Vitality and 40 Endurance , with 28 Strength and 45 Dexterity , I was able to calmly beat Four Kings on NG+ and even before upgrading said armor pieces , I was able to kill the Hellkite Wyvern without trouble .
By Anonymous
armored core reference?
By Anonymous
Everyone complaining about the str requirement as if it doesn't exist to deter use by those afraid of true power.

I still remember one of my first playthroughs. I mained this weapon and it was an absolute beast. 19 str and two handing the bugger. The speed, high base damage for it's size and that nice scaling for the dex you end up going into easily make up for the str req. Besides the movement is great and all of the above makes it an excellent buffer.
By Anonymous
28 str and only 13 dex, but scales purely off dex? sus.
By Anonymous
i reset just to try this weapon out back in the day
but i still mainly used smough hammer and smough armor when i found the set lol....smough still the coolest character ive seen in a video game to this day

but curved big swords are dope
By Anonymous
based smough enjoyer
By Anonymous
Giga Chad, I appreciate the Heavy boy bros
By Anonymous
I love this weapon, in Dark Souls2 SOTFS it's my primary weapon. And at +15 lightning one-handed, it's fast, strong, and great.