Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
By Megaqwerty
Possibly once human; crag spider kills will generate soft humanity.
By Anonymous
If you look closely at their corpses after you kill one, you see part of it still moving - something that looks very similar to a human head. It's possible that these were once residents of Blighttown that succumbed to the poison and became a Craigspider.
By Anonymous
They Can also ***** out Chaos Lava Dealing High Damage, But Very Rarely.
By Anonymous
Could these be Quelaag's and/or the Fair Lady's "babies"?
By Anonymous
I get the feeling that they are "normal" undead/humans who have been mutated by the bed of chaos. I think if they were "babies" they would have rounder or larger heads. I was pretty surprised when I noticed the humanoid features on these. I love this damn game.
By Avgvst
I am pretty sure they are swamp mosquitoes who were twisted by chaos.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can see a person squirming inside it even after the spider is dead. The top of the spider is the belly of its host.
By Anonymous
Those are ragdoll physics. But you’re right, the “angle” on it is actually the head of a hollow.
By Anonymous
One I killed kept banging its head in circles, they are so freaky especially combined with the Blighttown mood. It kinda has a witchhouse feel to it.
By Anonymous
they look so disgusting.
By Anonymous
I wonder...where does the wiki gets the names for some enemies? These enemies are nowhere mentioned in the game or is this the literal Translation from the gamecode?
By Anonymous