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By Anonymous
whats happen if you consume thath souls
By Anonymous
nothing just cant get the boss weapons
By Anonymous
You just get souls
By Anonymous
Do you require to have all the old souls in your inventory or can you craft their boss weapons and still continue
By Anonymous
Even if you used all the souls and by some chance can't access it,it still opens at 1m soul memory on ng.

Scales ng+ to 2m needed so 3m soul memory.
By Lord_Dust
You don't actually need the souls in your inventory for the door to open, you can use them/trade them and the door will still open.
By Anonymous
It's not 3m soul memory on ng+, you'll need fresh 2 mil over what you had when starting the game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
For everyone with questions regarding what to do if you no longer have the souls for whatever reason, you only need four great souls and duplicates count towards that. You can use Bonfire Ascetics to fight a boss again in a harder form. This means you can use four Bonfire Ascetics in each area to kill the bosses again and get their souls again. Alternatively, you can just use the Ascetics on one bonfire four times to get four of its soul and use those because duplicates count towards the four needed to progress. I would recommend doing the second option on The Rotten as there is a bonfire right next to its boss room meaning that you don't have to run through increasingly difficult game areas to reach the boss.
By Anonymous
What if you do the rotten 3x times and the Lost sinner does that count?
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Who is the hardest of four old ones maybe Freja or ?
By Kronos616
Personally, and this is largely due to my preference in playstyle (melee and sorcerer build), I find The Rotten is perhaps the most challenging of these four bosses.
By Anonymous
Freja is the hardest next is The Lost Sinner or The Rotten. And The last is Old Iron King
By Anonymous
Really? I had no problems with the lost sinner
By Anonymous
I killed freja first try without using estus are you sure it's the hardest
By Anonymous
serio foi easy demais para mim e olha que eu sou horrivel em ds
By Anonymous
For me lost sinner was the hardest, because he was the first harder boss i have fighten, i am
new ds player