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wow lost 30 hum and 289k souls trying to cut off that tail for a silly weapon.



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Use throwing knives to stagger her into appearing.
Shoulda used a ring of sacrifice lmao
Get gud
Cut it off first time by accident lol
its actually pretty deadly in pvp. nobody expects this weapon to be used and it inflicts bleed really fast. apart from the lifehunt scyth its a good choice for pure bleed
It has the lowest bleed buildup in the game.
If you use firestorm, fire tempest, or chaos firestorm it is easy to make her visible. Then use a really fast, but weak Weapon like the gold tracer and only focus on the tip of the tail it is really easy to cut off, even on NG++++.
This weapon is ***
Hey, you are what you eat!
Are you saying that this weapon eats ***?
hell yeah it does eat ***
I agree this dagger eats A LOT of ***
Quite literally this weapon is ***.
you mean tail=***?
you mean scaling a to s *** right
Try dual wielding with Gold Tracer in the left hand. Build bleed with GT and finish with Priscilla's to take advantage of the 50% bleed damage. R2 after GT for spinning blade dance
Mine has 100 occult effect. Is this page wrong on that or did I get a special one?
with only one chaos storm i got the priscilla dagger
Why downvote, truth hurts? I did it same way myself.
I struggled cutting the tail until I used great scythe +10 with gold pine resin and power withing and started the fight with 2xR2 to the tail. It also seems to stagger her out of invisibility easier to get the last couple of hits in. Lifehunt build here I come :)
Best looking weapon imo