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By Anonymous
I didn't get the cutscene that the man-serpent should pull the lever..i wen down, kill all enemies and pull the lever by myself but the sad part is that the pisaca's big door won't budge and they're all aggro inside that door (i'm assuming the lever is also the unlock mechanism of that door)
By Anonymous
Lever does not open door, only affects alarm
By Anonymous
How high is "very high intelligence" (I have 50)
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By Unbreakable_Patches
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50 is the soft cap and points after 50 are pretty useless, so your probably good.
By Anonymous
36 has been plenty for me, so long as I have a reliable melee weapon available.
By Anonymous
I had 44 which was plenty. I also upgraded a long sword to +4 lightning and that really came in handy!
By Anonymous
If I skip the prison, could I still save Logan from prison? Or I will never get in to the prison?
By Anonymous
You can't skip the prison...
By Anonymous
of course yu can, thx to the elevator skip
By Anonymous
"There is also a shortcut back to the Prison Tower from this room - go up the main stairs to the 2nd floor (not the rotating stairway) and you will find a quick return route to free Big Hat Logan" so vague lol.
By Anonymous
To whoever wrote this guide:

How many times are you going to misspell “soldiers”
By Anonymous
Be thankful that he made this guide. Stop worrying about spelling.
By Anonymous
There is no crystal soldier in the locked cell with the soul.
By Anonymous
If I finish Siegmeyer of Catarina's quest-line before heading to the inner garden of The Duke's Archives, will the golden crystal golem in the center of the garden disappear?
By Anonymous
To get the avelyn from the chest on top of the bookshelf, rotate the stairs and run up to top then roll off of them onto the balcony below. Next just walk off the edge and ull land on the bookshelf.
By Anonymous
when you rotate go up to the SIDE ABOVE the bookshelf with the avarice, step onto the balcony.. then go half way DOWN the stairs and QUIT THE GAME... THEN RELOAD GAME. The game should place you on the last platform you were on... being the one above the bookshelf above the one with the avarice. NOTE; Rotate to the correct side before you Quit. - Roll off opening above correct bookshelf with avarice.. in case of mobs.. quickly use heal.. get the avarice.. heal.. jump down toward wall side and go from there. GL :)
By Anonymous
You won't risk dying this way to get the avelyn.