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By Anonymous
I wish this did Occult damage. It would make more sense, though I know weapons can only usually have 1 special bonus and a scythe is usually Bleed, but still... It's her namesake after all.
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Priscilla's dagger has bleed & occult, so I guess they just didn't want this scythe to do occult damage...? For some reason?
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By Black Iron Tarkus
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There is someone in this comment section whom I believe hasn't gotten their link to fortnite sex yet...
By Anonymous
I used it on a faceless demon and somehow i got the bleeding debuff and died why
By Anonymous
Skill issue.
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Just git gud.
By Anonymous
It causes bleed build up on you too. Might wanna be careful fighting anything with higher bleed resistance than your character with this.
By Anonymous
A man invades the shelter of a woman. She politely asks him to leave. He removes her limb, murders her, uses her limb and her peaceful soul as a bleeding weapon to murder other beings.

Not to mention killing lord Gwyn with DSS. During ripost I could hear him say - Orenstein, what have they done to you?

This game is very cold sometimes.
By Anonymous
There is literally no reason for killing her other than wanting to do an all boss run. I did it but she definitely doesn’t deserve it. Although it is a bit ironic that she says the citizens are kind when they attack you says the ci
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You’re new to Dark Souls lore aren’t you?
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To those who say there is no need to kill her than obviously don't want the knights honor achievement which requires her tail which gives the dagger for said achievement!
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Shoulda given me that foot job huh?
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Bro use this in conjunction with the Shadow Set to literally become Cole from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.
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Holy **** ur right
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Ah, a man of TRUE culture.
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If it bleeds we can kill it.
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Sorry for the downvote, I accidentally hit it while scrolling down on my phone
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2h running R1 is perfection
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I like this weapon…. But I like Priscillas feet better
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By pelida77
PVP I'd say is Mid-tier? not bad, but really not that good. The move-set for the most part is quite awkward (with a horrible R1 attack) quite parry-able, and let you open for punishment, specially when you don't connect; it has a very good 2H running attack (godlike), and great 2HR2, and also a good simple R2 (and great Dead Angles) .
The range is NOT that good, that's mainly what makes the difference between this and the Great Scythe ( a Top-tier weapon, and in every way a better weapon); you can argue that this one has a higher bleeding effect (500 against 300) but at the very least in this aspect whatever you can do with a Lifehunt you can also do with a Great Scythe; AND the Lifehunt bleeds you too, so... you can use a bloodbite ring (but that of course loses a slot), maybe with bl def armor, blood shield or red grass, is difficult to bleed yourself to death but if the enemy is also bleeding you it's gonna be nasty.
That said, is FUN, and the whole style of fighting with Scythes is really fun, and can really surprise an opponent. And even when it's a worse weapon (and all the differences I mentioned), if you are good with a Great Scythe you must be very dangerous with a Lifehunt too.