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Played DS1 long ago. but have to xbox controller left... ned one. but to expenive.. *****

Hello from 2016 :(
no xbox controller left* wtf
Despair ahead, equals sadness
"Master-Key users can use this to avoid getting the Uchigatana or the Reinforced Club from the Undead Merchant -preventing the Red Dragon from triggering to nest at the bridge and having to fight the Taurus Demon."

What does it do to Stray Demon, or acquiring the Morning Star?
i never picked up those items but didn't go back to the asylum before going into undead parish, and hell kite still spawned and nested, it was helpful in the long run, got the drake sword and was able to have him farm lots of early soul levels for me
It is possible to roll off the area where it falls so you dint fall into the boss battle and then you can see him from above currentaly working on shoot him full of arrows soent almost 200 so far on him
Nevermind does not work i entered the arena and he still had full health
Damn I tried it before reading your update
There went my idea
Wow i've died like 10 times then came here for the guide... After that i completed it without getting 1 hit. (NOT JOKING)
Holy*****,this boss os 1000% easier to beat after i read this guide
If you're doing the lifehunt scythe it does make him a complete joke, but do consider putting on the bloodbite ring or have a bloodred moss on hand as the scythe makes you bleed too.
Morning Star/Reinforced Club = Easy win
Black Knight Sword +3 and good stats at lvl 35=hilarious
Black Knight Sword +5, full Giant Set +5, lvl 78. Tell me when I'm supposed to get to the humorous part.
....I forgot to pick up my slab...