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Confusing as fk
true dat
It's actually fairly simple. You're probably overthinking it.
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Fking is actually not confusing
I upgraded a weapon to plus 5 with twinkling titanite. why cant i upgrade it more?
Unique weapons can only go to +5. it says it in the diagram.
if the picture says anything... i cant read it
Weapons that need twinkling titanite connot be upgraded further than +5.
Edited the Andre links in Embers table; was misspelled (Andrei) and linking to non-existent "Blacksmith Andrei" page.
Oh boy, get to use this chart for when the remaster hits. At least it isn't as convoluted as Demon's Souls weapon reinforcement...
Can upgrade materials be transferred without limit? E.g. could a soul level 6 player summon a friend and get slabs from them or is there a limit to this?
Firstly, you cannot summon far out of your own level. Secondly, I don't think you can drop ore for trade. May be wrong, on secondly...
Actually you can drop materials for others. In remaster your level doesn't count if you use matchmaking password
Yes you can virtually anything for trade in dark souls 1. I believe almost every item that can be dropped can be picked up from someone else
Can upgrade materials be dropped from one player to another? And is there a limit to which materials can and can't be dropped?
Yes you can give upgrading materials to other characters. There is a limit of materials you can have with you - you can have 99 of each titanite type - after that your character will not be able to grab more and will leave it on the ground. Yet I am not sure if this is a thing in remaster (probably yes since other items were capped like before)
Upgrade guilde 200 iq
i am playing dark souls 1 for the first time and this is way more complicated than what dark souls 3 provided.. lol.. not that i am complaining.. i like the diversity
Diversity is a code word for (huh)White Genocide.