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By Anonymous
A white summon go crazy and killed him, fu*king moron. At least I was already brought what I need from him.
By Anonymous
I just think he's neat
By Anonymous
Missing Heavy and Wood bolt
By Anonymous
how do i get him to not be mad at me i hit him by accidentally when i was trying to buy repair powder and arrows :(
By Anonymous
i let him kill me and i rested at a fire but when i went into hes area he got up and tried killing me so i rested again and nothing happend :(
By Anonymous
I believe you can go to the pardoner and pay to repent for your sins and that should fix it
By Anonymous
You can go to the dude inside of the clocktower (after beating the gargoyle bosses, where you ring the first bell) and ask for repentance
By Anonymous
Probably buy away your sins at the guy in the first bell tower and he might not hate you anymore.
By Anonymous
it's so cool how they made an exclusive katana moveset to this old hollow merchant that you would never try to attack before you see that he drops the uchigatana
By Anonymous
I definitely believe Yulia is the pot itself because he’s petting the edges of it if you look closely rather than inside it. It would actually be quite fitting if this is true because the undead are a rather loony bunch and Andre’s line “as you’ve noticed, this land is flush with the mad and wicked” could easily be referencing the NPCS as mad and the enemies as wicked.
By Anonymous
Maybe the cremated remains of the one he called Yulia are in the pot? Or he thinks they are at any rate....
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By IronGolem
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I thought Yulia WAS the pot. Might just be my core malfunctioning.
By Anonymous
Not meant badly but maybe you should have your armored core checked?
By Anonymous
Bruh... did the first merchant sell good stuff ? Because when i was Trying to interact with him , i accidentally hit him and he attacked me so i killed him because i thought he was going to respawn
By Anonymous
He sells arrows which you can use to kill the dragon guarding the Astora straight sword. If you don't Try ranged battle you'll have to Try leveling up.
By Anonymous
Astora straight sword is a garbage compared to uchigatana which can be be dropped by the
undead merchant! It's one of the literal best weapons in the game!
By Anonymous
I like his voice. Sympathetic guy.