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I don't care what *****ing items he drops, he doesn't deserve to killed! Be advised, I now feel awful and ashamed for killing him. Don't be sinners, don't kill innocent undead who sell resources! (I'm almost crying...)
but (unless you decided to join the forest hunters covenant and bought one,) don't forget to kill him just before NG+ for his sword (which happens to be one of my personal favorites in the series)
Nice try, Undead Merchant
i just clicked on my main screen to return to dark souls and my character started an attack and killed him in one hit by accident.... :(
He isn't real, it isn't immorale to kill him.
If you don't want the sin of killing him but want his Uchigatana, you can lure the axe-wielding ambushing undead to the merchant and hide behind the merchant as the undead swings. The merchant won't fight back, and visiting Oswald confirms that you do not get the sin for this.
Tbh the only reasons to kill him are for his sword (scrub lord Katana) and to get the Residence Key without having to spend the money. Tbh I recommend buying the Bottomless Box and then kill him if you are going for a Dex build. Most of what he sells is fairly useless in a normal run, and even then a lot of it is commonly dropped or easily obtained. Besides, put the crazy man out of his misery. He refers to a whole lotta nothing as "Little Yulia".
hi im new and i hit one time the undead merchant and i dont know what to do i need some things to buy,how can forgive me
After defeating the Bell Gargoyles and ringing the bell atop the tower, an NPC spawns on the first floor (don't recall his name, but he wears black robes and looks holy af). Talk to him and choose Absolve Sins (I think, but you get the idea), pay the souls-fine and the Undead Merchant should be happy to see you again!
I attacked him by accident while i was trying to equip some stuff or to figure out how somethings work. He's cool , but i'm still asking myself what are his things for ...
PS : I'm new to dark souls and honestly , it's fun so far ... except when i lost about 10k souls and 9 humanities >_> ...
Hes not important. Many people kill him early for the uchigatana. PS Oh you will lose MANY more souls than that. Also, if youre running around with a ton of humanity, kindle some bonfires. You might as well, since youre probably gonna lose those humanities sooner or later anyway.
Funny story, I looked through his items when I found him and didn't buy anything. He told me to go fall off a cliff, so then I murdered him.
That is exactly what I did


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Lmao me to
It's Skeletor from he man!
he also drops the dried fingers upon death


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Killed him but what I dont understand is if he is undead than why doesn't he come back through his darksign