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There's another one called Darkstalker Kaathe in the Abyss. Frampt isn't the only Primordial Serpent.
It literally says Dark stalker Kaathe right there on the third line
lo did you even read it it says THAT THERE ARE 10 PRIMODIAL SERPENTS.
Do you need glasses?
Nasty looking mother *****er!!!
He is beautiful, ur just jealous!!!
Right on,how could you not love that face?
those teeth.. those god damned teeth, i hate him, and he can take those damned teeth and go straight to hell
when you go near one, it makes a loud chewing sound.
Soon, the will oh Kaathe will be known once again, and those chosen undead will be no more than a blood stain...
Is it based off Freddy's serpent form in Nightmare on Elm Street 3?
He is pretty sexy not gonna lie
Imagine oral with this guy xD