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Thanks for this entry. I got invaded and hit by this weapon which cursed me and gave me this egg thing. Thank you so much.
I thought they were wrong too
thats called a Hacker weapon
is worth it
thats just the egg speaking
There is a fast way to evolve the egg. Just do a soul dupe glitch. I recently farm to evolve it out of curiosity, when suddenly the egg evolved at 85 k souls. I remembered i use a soul of a hero and a soul of a brave warrior. Still need confirmation.
note that you do not need to hold 100 000 souls for it to evolve. you only need to aquire that much regardless if you lost some of it on the way or not
I got implanted by the Egg and soon, my life turned around. I was just a mad hollow, but now I'm Lord of Cinder and all the hot hollow girls want to touch my +10 Raw Greatsword. Get infected today!
i guess you could say that this infection is very eggstraordinary


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*Badum tss*
If humans were created in the image of God, then under these conditions, it means that we are able to become gods ourselves.
if only there were a dragon stone-esque item that let you grapple people. it would deal damage, similarly to the dark hand, but instead of stealing humanity, it infects them with an egg. then, unless they get rid of it, the egg steals 50% of their souls and half of the stolen souls goes to you. upon reaching maturity, the egg starts giving all of the stolen souls to you. it would probably only work if you were a chaos servant, maybe you would need to be at least a cs+1 or even +2, and egg vermifuge would need to become more available because of greifers. maybe add weaker versions that are available earlier on but only work if the egg isnt matured or if the egg hasn't formed yet. Darkwraiths get their theiving gimmick, chaos servants get this one. ikt would make a good way to counter the soul loss from your own egg and would give people a reason to be an egg-bearer *** it would potentially get you massive amounts of souls, or none.maybe it could cost souls to implant the parasite, so it's more of a trade-off for giving someone the parasite. plus, since chaos servants aren't explicitly invaders, you could give invaders to your world, npcs and ai invaders egg heads. the ai characters would surely either cure it or go mad, but they wouldn't go to their original hollowing spots, instead making their way to quelaag's domain. they would be friendly until you betray them by curing yourself, and they would attempt to infect you again by ambushing you at certain locations that they would expect you to be, like petrus would try to get you in the tomb of the giants, griggs in sen's fortress, using his stealth sorceries to sneak up on you, lorentius in the demon ruins, etc. such a massive missed opportunity that resulterd in just a goofy head and silly kick attack at the price of your precious souls. i recommend just using it as fashion once your build is done, otherwise you just waste your souls.
Man. You aiming to join the development team on the hypothetical Dark Souls 4? This is basically a pitch without a power point.
Mate where were you when they made the game
This egg is awesome. Adds a new challenge to the game if you are feeling extra cynical (earn 50% less souls) & this egg is sexy AF.
I was in the Undead Burg playing for the first time, touched a white sign, got moved to a different place, and I got this + some curse + my weapon broke I believe. Absolutely horrible first experience. If you see a sign, do not touch it, or you will have to delete your character and start over.
you ran into a hacker. White signs are how you summon other players to help you, so you probably summoned a hacker who messed you up.
He didn't summon a hacker dude. He touched a white gravelord servant sign...
that was certainly a hacker. only way to receive curse/egghead out of their limited occuring pve locations is via hacks.
Same experience, except I was in the Darkroot Gardens, I end up just playing off line with this egg head, i made it my quest to cure this crap.
Yep, the remaster seems to have quite a few hackers. It's really unfortunate. I've been playing in Offline mode for the entire game.
Nothing compares to the sensation of a parasite penetrating your frontal lobe!