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How come when I use this in pvo people say I'm a hacker
Bc not a lot of ppl bought the dlc so it isn't seen a lot
The reason why people think you are a hacker is because there is a limited amount in the game, and most people wouldn't use them in pvp as they see it as a waste. So, they see it as you have enough that you don't need to worry about them, and the only way they could think of you having THAT much is through mulling and hacking. Same thing with divine blessings.
it's very tasty
Because you need to cheat them in to get more than 5 per playthrough, so if you use them freely you're clearly cheating
Not necessarily, you could get more of them by duping them with Frampt.
You actually can't use them while you are in the abyss fighting the 4 kings.
Untrue, i used them to keep myself alive while I tanked through the 4 kings
you had a transient curse active, wait out the buff, then use it.
4 uses, 100 hp a tick, 30 ticks... possible 3000 net life gain. Basically become Seath for 2 minutes.
Looks like I'm gonna use it at Manus then
And than someone gets ganged.
Far too good to ever use
thought this item was only in ds2 as a nod to ds1, wtf
When you use this with Havel's set, F.A.P ring, Wolf Ring, and Grass Crest Shield:
You cant use while invading