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...When you realize Peeve is the real MVP
If Peeve had his way this wiki wouldn't be here. He wiped it once in the past. Average player, below average human bean.
Peeve and Oboro both describe the term overrated.
This katana is **** lol
Get the **** out at here casul
Just like your comment, lol
You know what else is*****? Your logic. Just because it takes away 20 HP per hit, it’s automatically bad? At least it has decent humanity scaling.
Yea, the self damage isn't TERRIBLE, but it doesn't really compensate for it with anything. Plus, the Furysword is way more useful in my experience.
This seems like it would make for a good challenge run. It's a suicide mission, but it would be cool I guess. Too bad it can kill you.
In no way would it be a suicide mission, this is arguably the best weapon in the game, and I have beaten NG+7 using it lol
This katana is bad cuz it damages you pvpHonor
This weapon is great. Shield turtles and bs fisher are the only scublords in PvP
Just have some bleed resistance, you'll be fine. I suggest using the bloodshield.
It’s only 20 HP per hit! Is your vitality THAT low?
There is no honor in pvp...
Oh you're the guy that bows and then when the other person bows you run up and blast them. XD
It is still a favorite for most dark souls players
Why would you use this?
The damage is kinda stupid good if you just use sanctum and replenishment you won't even remember it hurts you



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You can also use Ring of the Evil Eye.
>not knowing that its one of, perhaps even the singular, best pvp weapon in the entire game
I see this weapon a lot in pvp and most of the time i'm the one who ends up with the You Died
useless, considering a normal uchigatana has only 30 ar less than this at 40 dex and can be buffed+ has better strong attack. Nodachi has better range and similar ar. The fact that it damages the wielder is just LOL. It was op in dk2, where it can be buffed and has way more ar.
Actually its a fantastic pvp weapon, and at max humanity and dex it can't be touched uchi/iaito. That 30 ar you whined about could be 1-2 hits faster to win a pvp match, plus it bleeds way faster hence not being able to be buffed. I assume youre a scrub who didnt play this originally before ds2/3 or swtich so i'll let it slide, but remember. Gtfo filthy casul, they made 2/3 way too easy being able to buff everything that wasnt raw/unenchanted.
Different anon here - Uchi/iaito plus power within/Darkmoon blade says hello!
not really. This weapon is just bad, at least compared to the other katanas. Self damage and not being able to be buffed are big con in both pvp and pve. If you like to use unbuffable weapon, that' your problem.
You're dumb... chaos blade is the best katana in game. Hands down. Facts. Not up for debate. This has been tested and held true over the years. Git Gud kiddo.
Agree. Don't use this thing. Definetely worse than an uchigatana.
something that would be a warlock weapon in wow xd