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By Anonymous
does the red eye orb stop working if you leave the covenant then rejoin it at alliance +0?
By Anonymous
no matter what covenant level you are, the red eye orb works only while in that covenant.
By Anonymous
Worth joining just to suck the life out of Petrus before sending him out of this world
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By bukharajones
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Darkwraiths do what darkwraiths do for themselves and the joy of discovery promised by every invasion - the cattle on the other end do not matter. It is a true scrub who think we do it to ruin their day. We do it to make our day. Personally, an invader makes this game ever green when they come into my game and they are always welcome - though most of the time, they’re gonna get stomped. Unless it’s those hardasses at oolacile. They’re next level.
By Anonymous
the people who join this covenant parents never loved them and regretted not aborting them