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Given that one explanation of how you end up in Ariamis is that Priscilla notices that her doll has returned and pulls it (and you) in, I find it a little saddening that you can use it to break into her prison and butcher her for no reason other than her soul without even letting her see it again. In this case, it will simply rest in your inventory forever more and hopefully make you feel guilt over what you've done.
I didn't do it for no reason.
I did it for more power and disgusting psychopathic personal gain.
I usually leave her in peace.
I did it for the trophy. And can I say how gross it is that there is a trophy for killing her. The game gives you sin for it like...c’mon FromSoft I didn’t WANT to kill her
I wish i could give the doll back to her. when i saw the description it was the first thought that i had, but sadly the game don`t give this option. You can`t drop the doll and can`t give it to her.
After finding her in the painting, when she explains whats going on and you can simply leave, I almost didn't believe her and was going to attack her anyway. Then something told me that she was telling the truth. So over the cliff I went and back out of the painting I came, with all the souls and items I had found in the painting, and humanity intact (figuratively and in reality). This was one of my all time favorite moments in gaming. Up there with running thru Chernobyl reactor 3 with the terrifying voice of the Wish Granter reverberating in my head.... still gives me goosebumps....
Yes, STALKER is one of my favorite games simply because of atmosphere
Yeah, STALKER is one of my favorites because of the atmosphere and hazy storytelling as well
Ah, yes. Stalker. A game that keeps you constantly feeling threatened, even though there is simply no threat. The underground that scares the **** out of you, and you only find a few bloodsuckers, maybe some snorks. I personally finished Shadow of the Chernobyl and Clear Sky, both with overhaul mods. Currently going through Call of Pripyat, also with overhaul mods. In my opinion these games are ,,ok" on themselves but they truly shine with mods.
Stalker is one hell of a boring game. Its only happening in your minds, that means youre better reading books
so is there a theory as to why this doll was found in YOUR cell in the asylum?
Perhaps Oscar of Astora left it before going hollow, in case of your return.
I've been a huge fan of souls game since playing dks3 and bloodborne... but since playing the remaster... EFF THIS. The whole game is just one frustrating clusterf#ck. A complete and total mess like the designers were trying to take 5 hours of game content and turn it into 100+ by just clusterf#cking everything so people spend 98% of the game just running around trying to figure out where to go, backtracking, having to figure out way too unnecessarily cryptic sh#t. I've put at least 1,000 hours into bb and dks3 combined, but this game is going in the trash just about 40 hours in, right after anor londo... a place I'm sure I could get to in a new playthrough in 30-40 minutes.
Yessss the dark souls 3 babies go back to their graves
Git Gud Scrub.
A "huge fan" would not bad mouth the roots of something they claim to appreciate. You don't have to like ds1, but don't forget that there are plenty who love it.


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This is the wiki page for the item "Peculiar Doll" Steam review page (aka "Rage Page") is that way --->
And yet dark souls is still the best of the soulborne games... peculiar isn't it?
You could get to Anor Londo in 30-40 minutes in a new play through... yeeeeah I bet. Fake news.
This gives me CONNIPTIONS
You’re right though. Also this game isn’t even all that hard. The “hardness” of it comes from straight from the areas and not the enemies themselves. For example the constant fire in lost izalith, the constant respawning skeletons in the catacombs(if you don’t have a divine weapon), the extreme dark in the tomb of the giants, you constantly getting shot at with bows on a small ledge in Anor Londo, all the traps and small bridges in sen’s fortress, the invisible and small ledges in the crystal cave. The other dark souls games and bloodborne most certainly did things better. Some of the bosses are actually hard and the hardness of the areas comes from the enemies, not some ridiculous *** puzzle game they want you to play in order to get through the area. As for the anon who said ds1 is best in the soulsborne world you are definitely wrong. Bloodborne is by far the best. It was so good apparently they had to use some of its assets for ds 3. Even the lore is better.
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Blobrun sucks ***. I fukking HATE the whole london-ass setting, and you can't fukking parry or block cuz you're stuck with some flimsy-ass flintlock. Not to mention, the greater meaning behind the whole game? You get to be the REAL star in tentacle *****, basically nothing fukking happened, or you get to be an old bastard. Not to mention that I would have to deal with all the bEtAs on PlayStation 4.
I started with DS3 and loved it so much I went back and played the first one. I am of the opinion that Dark Souls is the greatest fantasy game ever created. From its pacing to its combat, from its length to its lore, it is a wholly original concept, masterfully executed. It has a few issues, but they do not detract from the masterpiece that is the game. Its originality through worldbuilding and lore to its complete immersion of its players are unmatched, period, paragraph.

I say this as an extremely jaded gamer who was pretty much on the end of his tether as to games in general---they can all be so similar, so derivative, so predictable. Dark Souls was the game that convinced me that originality was still alive in game design. No ounce of space is wasted in its breadth, no bit ofinformation redundant. Everything matters. Everything. That is something that is extraordinarily rare in game design. It's even rarer to be able to recognize and appreciate it.
by reading this ****e of a chain reply I can tell the dark souls community is absolute garbage
Git gud
I beat in the game in 40 hours. I don't usually say this, but git gud lmao.
Maybe not put an advertisement over the information
How do I get the doll if I didn't pick it up when I was in the asylum (first or second time) ? Am I screwed now? :-S
No, you can return to the Undead Asylum as many times as you want via the crows nest near Firelink Shrine. It will still be in the cell you started the game at, as long as you didn’t already grab it.
Any lore savy people want to enlighten me as to why the Peculiar Doll is sitting in the cell we started in? Is the game suggesting we had it all along but forgot it? Were we given the doll by someone to find Priscilla for a reason? Or, was it just a funny means of hiding it from the player? I'm leaning towards clever hiding spot but I've been surprised by the lore/fiction before, even after all these years.
My theory is that it's a call back to when Griffith was imprisoned in Berserk. If you look right when you grab the doll there's a body laying there too. Idk for sure but that's my theory on it.
Just my thoughts but I personally think the doll is dropped into your cell by the giant crow that fetches you from the Asylum. Why? Crows are associated with the Sin-Goddess Velka and the Painted World is stuffed with items related to Velka. One of them is the Dark Ember, that gives you a bonus against divine beings. Velka seems to be at odds with the other gods. It would not surprise me, if she wanted to help the Chosen Undead in slaying her distant kin. More than this: I know it's a popular theory to see Priscilla as some sort of Gwynevere's daughter. But I personally rather think that she too is related to Velka, given her presence in the Painted World. I don't know but I kinda like the idea, that all Velka wanted to do was to return her favorite toy to her daughter. Which - ironically - may lead to Priscilla's demise.
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