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Why the ***** would people like them?
really activates my almonds
Zero weight sheild, decent magic block, looks cool, kiss foes.
Have you not played the games getting extra humanity is a must
Orangatang titties..what the hell....
Because ***** Kalameet
People tell me to shut up when I try to convince them that the Shrek movies are better than the Star Wars movies.
Because Giantdad needs his chaos zweihander to be stronger
A lightweight, almost invisible shield or a reliable way to get humanity and piss people off? I couldn't tell you why we like it
Well, for one, it has extremely high elemental resistances. For another, in Remastered at least, the Dark Hand will block Fire Surge without losing stamina.
I'm not sure if I understand how you do the dark hand grab with it in your left hand. I wouldn't try to parry with the dark hand so I wish they made it that the L1 would be block BUT the L2 would the dark hand grab. I don't want to have to keep the dark hand in my second right hand slot. That's reserved for a bow or catalyst.
Im a little late here, but... You dont want the grab man. You dont. Also. some people who are newer, dont know that it can parry. Confuses them a little.
It can't be used to grab with the left hand. Besides, it's ability to parry is boundlessly more useful, considering how slow the grab is, and the fact that the grab does no actual damage unless you miss.
80 across the board for 1 weight, too good
30 stability though
Stability sucks though. Safer to roll in pvp and use a heater+15 in pve
+15 heater shield if you like wasting slabs, dawg.
Upgrading a shield from +14 to +15 doesn't raise its stability with most shields, heater included which was probably done as many people carry around multiple shields for the varying stats and weights.
Can a Dark Hand grab be parried?
Oh yeah! Its tough to time with lag though, Even compared with parrying attacks with lag.


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as someone who uses the dark hand on my main character... yes. it sucks because the only time i've been parried by someone was when they were spamming parry and i walked up and did the dark hand grab to see if they'd try to parry it (they still spammed parry during the animation btw). imagine my surpise when i got parried and one-shot-riposted by complete chance!
The Dark Hand is relatively easy to parry without lag - only, there's no room for error.
Kiss, kiss, bang, bang!
best feeling in dark souls remastered? being a sunbro and slamming the succ attack on an invader. now their invasion is essentially an instant loss, unless they kill the host, which just brings them back to whatever humanity they had before.
Being an invader who's had this happen multiple times you my friend are a*****but I respect it
Does anyone else think its dumb that you can't parry with the Dark Hand like you could in the original Dark Souls? I'd rather parry with it, off hand, than bother trying to time a grab personally, am I the only one?
You can.
This is the page for the ds1/dsr dark hand. So you can party with it in this game. :/
I do agree it's annoying as hell that it can't parry in DS3.
Anyone willing to drop dark hand for me.



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lol nah
Sure are you on PlayStation?
Dude, just farm dark wraiths likey he rest of us
Sure, I'd be willing to "give you a hand"
Quit begging you pathetic *** idiot. Play the game.
farm the knights. you will get it. 1 each 5000 years.
i love dark souls
Me too, buddy.
This is a wholesome post