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By Anonymous
Do the percentages stack? If you have a 25% increase does that mean that the next ng+ you will have a 25% increase of the previous ng+, or does it just add up?
By Anonymous
i wish it wared you like ds2 and ds3
By Anonymous
The fact that you lose boss armors on NG+ suck ***
By Anonymous
You do not lose boss armors on NG+. You only lose the ability to buy them from Domhall until you have beaten that boss again.
By Anonymous
Items exclusive to ng+ Gwyn's set, sunlight spear and his sword.
By Anonymous
The demon great hammer isn't you can beat the demon with black firebombs or trade the sack but usually people don't get it till ng+ either way.
By Anonymous
The gravelord nito covenant becomes much more troubling in ng+ spawning more enemies that are buffed variants.
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