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By Anonymous
I have a question if u put stuff in ur storage box will it carry over?
By Anonymous
Certain none key items can be carried over.Covenant of Artorias and Charred Orange Ring are a couple of examples.
By Anonymous
Last reply was weirrded wrong, the two items I mentioned cannot be carried over and will need to be obtained from their respective bosses.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It says that sins are absolved in one place and in other it says they aren't, which is true?
By Anonymous
PVE Sins are absolved ''aka'' killing NPC's/ Betraying a convenant / Twilight Anor Londo
By Anonymous
My sins were NOT resolved when starting ng+. I only played offline, so all pve sins.
By Anonymous
It is said that after NG7 that enemys and bosses damage and health is the same.
By Anonymous
The enemy and boss damage and health stops increasing at NG+7. The article says NG7 which refers to the 7th New Game, which is NG+6
By Anonymous
What happen if I use a Homeward Bone after defeating Gwyn, will I get the Dark Lord ending or I will return to the last bonfire?
By Anonymous
You will be teleported to Gwyn's boss arena no matter what
By Anonymous
you are “Darkly” weird
By Anonymous
can u ply with people in different ng+
By dubloon7
anyone have an extra Soul of Sif to gladly give to a low-life dregling?

PSN ID: Dubloon7
By Anonymous
Edited last paragraphs for readability, added links.
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By Anonymous
Is there a suggested level you would want to be at before starting NG+? I know there isn't one on the dark souls 3 wiki but that one includes suggested levels for the final few areas you end up doing (ie the ringed city over 100) and so you can sort of see what your level ought to be around. Im currently at lvl 98 with only gwen to go in this playthrough. I do need to go through and kindle a few bonfires yet and with gwens souls that'll be another level or two.
By Anonymous
I usually go in at around lvl 100, could probably go at 90 though.
By Anonymous
i mean NG+ in DS III and Bloodborne wasn't too aweful so I figured DS wouldnt be too bad either. Made the jump around 100 and its been good so far. Snagged the iaito and the 1st playthough and been having fun with that
By Primal969
90 to 100 sounds right, I went at 98 but grinded the Black Knights a bit before Gwyn, you'll be around 90 anyways just by playing normally. However for Ornstein and Smough round 2... :D You'll probably want around 140 or more :P
By LautrecTheHugger
Honestly don't even think about it. Just go until you hit a wall and either work on technique or farm. The only important thing is to make sure you got everything important. If I'm not PvPing (so I'm straying from the meta) and it's already pretty easy, I put new levels into stats I don't use so ultimately I can try everything. IK ur long past needing this advice, but I'm putting it out there in case anyone else is wondering this.
By Anonymous
im sl140 on ng7 but u can go for whatever u want
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