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By Anonymous
As a quick note, you may wanna update this page since i ran into one of these things for the first time yesterday in the chasm of the abyss, which is not listed as a possible spawn location. It spawned right beside the second treant sorceress lady. The one that starts shooting at you while you're trying to fight off all those humanity spirits. Unless you're like me and you go around the back and kill her first lol. But seriously I had no idea wtf that creepy thing was. I killed it and then threw a couple fireballs at it just to be safe. You can't be too careful when it comes to weird, unknown, gelatin spider monsters
By Anonymous
I don't think it's good to include their drops on each location article, given that they are so rare. It makes the items lists on the right side of the area pages quite meaningless. For example if someone sees the Blue titanite Chunk listing in the Depths article, the person would think you can find it on a corpse, in a chest, as loot from a monster there, no? Little does he know it is just a drop from Vagrants who practically can appear anywhere, but almost never. Oh i see Tomandandy postet the same concern.
By Anonymous
Been playing since the game launched on 360 and 100% the game three times, I just now learned about this enemy for the first time after seeing a **** post on Twitter and asked why they modded there game
By Anonymous
I just realized they look exactly like the sphere Filianore is holding
By Anonymous
Idk why this got downvoted a few times. You're totally right.
By Anonymous
Playing this game for nearly 2 years and just saw one of them now I can die in peace.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I found one in my bed and I don’t know what to do. Please help
By Anonymous
Just let it happen
By Anonymous
Hush little baby, don't say a word

And nevermind that noise you heard

It's just a beast under your bed
By Anonymous
Sex time
By Anonymous
I've only seen 4 of these in my entire time playing. One evil and one good in the undead parish, one was sniping me in darkroot garden on the ledge next to the wolf ring, and the final one was an evil red vagrant by the sunlight altar. For the longest time I had no idea what these things were.
By Anonymous
I've also seen one in the wolf rings place when passing through Darkroot.
By Anonymous
21 september 2021 - first time I heard about this enemy
By Anonymous
November 21st 2021, Just killed my first vagrant, immediately came here to find out what it was
By Anonymous
Casual. I've played this game for 5+ years.
By Tomandandy
So it seems that because these things can drop stuff like Egg Vermifuge, Transient Curses and all 3 types of coins, the wiki also lists all those items as loot for every single location that Vagrants can spawn in. I think that's not really necessary, Vagrants are so rare that you won't see many of them anyways and it just bloats up the found items section for all those locations, making it harder to check for stuff one might have missed.
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