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By Anonymous
I encountered two of these ****s in one run. Yet both times I couldn't kill it before it vanished because my rapier didn't reach it's short little frame. Thank you Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
thanks to whoever dropped an egg vermifuge in tomb of the giants, got it in a red good vagrant
By Anonymous
On my first playthrough I've already encountered 2 evil vagrants, one white and one red. White was in blighttown and Red was in Tomb of the giants
By Anonymous
I've just saw one like 2 hours ago.
R.I.P to somebody [*]
and thanks for humanity.
By Anonymous
Just saw one today. Neat.
By Anonymous
i was wondering what the egg lady was holding!
By Anonymous
Can you encounter these things if you're playing in offline mode?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fextralife back at it with terrible advice and guides. They need to fire everyone there
By Anonymous
Noob here. Whats wrong with the page?
By Anonymous
lol 'fire'? they arent working, its just random people who write these pages, people like yourself
By Anonymous
Well I'm playing prepare to die edition on pc so I never see them LOL
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By Black Iron Tarkus
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By Anonymous
Are you ok? You seem a bit stressed…
By Anonymous
Na they’re fine
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