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By Anonymous
Do these respawn/stay spawned if you die, or did my friend just get super unlucky having 2 pop up on back to back attempts of getting through the Anor Londo Sniper Knights?
By Anonymous
Red evil one appeared in lost izalith shooting it's spines at me above where all the stone fatty dragons ambush you in the tunnel. Dropped a twin humanities.
By Anonymous
Found a red evil one today playing on PS3. I thought this day would never come
By Anonymous
the true dark souls waifu
By Anonymous
Just found a Red Good Vagrant in Ash Lake, got an Egg Vermifuge from it, I don't think I've ever seen this variant, which I'm pretty sure is the rarest.
By Anonymous
nah, i get that one all the time. and actually, i've gotten a more super rarer variant
By Anonymous
I just got shat on by one of these guys on the roof path in anor lando with the archers, i was so confused
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