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There's a vagrant/rare crab guy sometimes at witch Beatrix's summon sign in new londo ruins. Has VERY powerful soulmass
By Anonymous
Daughters of Chaos rank 2 go right at demon firesage, open the door and kill all the bugs until you get to Demon,( note if Solaire isn't where you killed the bugs kill the centipedeDemon then go back and kill bugs if not Solaire will go hollow and try and kill you..... meaning he won't help you fight Lord Gwen..... e_ Londis rules
By Anonymous
Found another in sen's fortress. It was in the tar pit with the titanite demons after passing through the archway just before the serpent mages.
By Anonymous
I've seen this one before as well. Always a little surprise to see these little guys....
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Oh wow, this page is missing a ton of information. Vagrants haven't been a mystery for quite some time now. I'll have to locate all the info again and update the page with it.
By Anonymous
What's the point of listing places to find Vagrants if they depend entirely on where someone loses their bloodstain and they don't respawn?
By Anonymous
the overall location is dependant on where a player places/loses the items. but within these places, there are particualar spawn locations they default to. which is a shame really, as you can't hide a titanite in a far off corner and hope it will grow into a vagrant.
By Anonymous
I have seen several near the balcony overlooking the Smough boss gate. Trippy. They do have spawn points.
By Anonymous
I never found one
By Anonymous
I remember the first time seeing one of these in undead parish and was just WHAT THE F***K IS THAT
By Anonymous
I got evil vagrant near Blue titanite slab on the invisible platform in the Crystal Caves. Luckily the ranged attack didn't hit me.
By Anonymous
just killed one
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