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By Anonymous
fun fact: at minimum requirements and +0 upgrade level, a plunging attack from this STILL one-shots Taurus Demon
By Anonymous
Finally got a BKS early, and I have to say ... I'm not blown away by it. Sure, it hits hard, but it's slow as hell. Likely going back to my trusty Furysword as soon as I can.
By Anonymous
yeah, this stuff is good in pve, but there aint no way you are using this in pvp the R2 animation is a joke thats just asking for a backstab
By Anonymous
Glilby goover invinorgin tur en tornic erbo an urcinlon tur ewsyso elt
By Anonymous
I can raise the weapon's power more than level 5
By Anonymous
Are you illiterate or are you just too lazy to read the wiki you're on???
By Anonymous
I can raise it to +20, my dad works at FromSoft
By Anonymous
*gets stomped on by demon of izalith for the 10th time*

thats it, im gettin me BKS
By Anonymous
God dammit. I got this as a drop from my very first Black Knight kill... on my Dex/Int pyromancer.
By Anonymous
That's gonna be an oof from me dawg
By Anonymous
Update from the original poster: I have THREE of them now. I'm just being taunted at this point.
By Anonymous
Relax, Dark Souls is perfectly balanced. You won't find any when you do your next strength run.
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me :S
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