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The backstab attack always throws the enemy away a bit, far enough for this trick:Go near a dangerous ledge, circle around his charging stab, and use a backstab to throw him to his death.Risk; the knight's attacks have quite a knockback, so you'll be at the same risk of falling down, especially when he decides to swing instead of thrust. Still, if you're low level, one or two hits will end you anyway.I used the wooden bridge connecting to the tower where the bonfire is. Easy retrieval of souls if you happen to fail (was actually the main reason I lured him all the way back there, imagine my surprise when I 1-hit-killed hím instead, hah)
By Anonymous
Keep in mind the sword /does not/ go past +5, so if you're thinking you can make this sword any better than that, well I'm sorry to say, that's not happening. Good luck.
By Anonymous
I probably discover something new with this weapon. If we kill silver knights with this weapon we have +20% more souls.Sorry my english very potato.
By Anonymous
It's not just silver knights. I noticed Ents and Stone Giants in Darkroot Garden were giving me more than I expected, so I experimented. With BKS I get 20% more souls for a kill. I don't know if it's because it's +5 or just that it's the BKS, but I like.
By Anonymous
It's the "overkill" mechanic.
By Anonymous
Hello i cant use it i don't no why my character has STR at lvl 20 and DEX at 19. What should i do?
By Anonymous
I have made 3 characters that have killed the black knight at the Undead Burg and I haven't received it once. Am I just unlucky or am I doing something wrong?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
its a 20% drop rate so one in 5 - 7 attempts will likely give you the sword, however if you get your humanity level to 10 (top left corner) and wear either the covetous gold serpent ring OR the symbol of avarice helmet (they cant be stacked), your item discovery will go from 100 to 400, which quadruples your chance of getting the sword i believe.

Yes i know it's been 6 years you have probably beat the game 13 times
By Anonymous
The black knight at the burg dropped it. Was planning for a dex build but immediately started leveling strength as it was so early in the game. It was doing insane damage with the minimum stats and +3 upgrade. Breezed through the game basically.
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By bukharajones
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Love this weapon. I tend to use it through out NG and it's easy to max out before Anor Londo if you head to the Great Hollow and get them lizards! Honestly, two handed, it works damned great for pve. Not fast enough for PVP unless you're rocking serious poise and armor for trades and punishes, but that feels harder than I would want to master when I could just carry a great sword....
By Anonymous
This weapon is simply insane.. I got it once. Upgraded it for fun up to +3 and just wanted to try out. It was just the rtime for Capra demon - and yea, you can guess. I one shot him with drop attack for 1100 damage. Easy souls, prepare to live edition!! Since then we are in love..
By Anonymous
doesn't drop from black knights in kiln?
By Anonymous
no, only ones that don't respawn
By Anonymous
yes it does drop, that's why the kiln knights can be farmed
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yes you can farm it in the kiln ignore the person saying otherwise either he's a troll or an idiot I've farmed every black knight weapon from kiln get 10 humanity and use covetous gold serpent ring to reach the 410 item discovery cap
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