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By Anonymous
He told me I can't learn sorceries and then just didn't sell me any sorceries.
By Anonymous
Your int needs to be 15 or higher
By Anonymous
Cuz u r dumb
By Anonymous
11 or higher, not 15
By Anonymous
Big Hat Logan drops the White Dragon Breath Sorcery, the Tin Crystallization Catalyst & the Big Hat after you defeat Seath the Scaleless.
He doesn't just drop them like this wiki page says.
You also don't have to make him go insane like most people think you have to.
By Anonymous
Oh, but do make sure that he sits in the library.
He does have to be freed from his The Duke's Archives giant cell.
By Anonymous
His hat doesn't drop when killing him normally. Only when he goes hollow :(
By Anonymous
He doesn't go hollow he goes insane there is a physical difference
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
why can no one explain why his name is big hat, these comments say it's because of his humongous hat but it doesen't seem to be related, help!!
By Anonymous
It's actually that he's got a massive nose, but when some bullies in college were going to bring it up he cast Homing Soulmass and they changed "nose" to "hat" because he was wearing a slightly larger than average hat. After gaining the nickname "Big Hat" from this incident, he then went and had someone make him a REALLY big hat, just for the jokes.
By Anonymous
mfs shocked fromsoft would make a character called dung eater when they literally called this dude Big Hat
By Anonymous
Dung Eater has roots in some goofy Japanese myth that the soul lies in your poop shute.
By Anonymous
Diarrhoea has a whole new meaning now
By Anonymous
What if Logan actually IS the hat, and the guy is just a puppet controlled by the hat?
By Anonymous
That would be awesome to be precisely it will blow up if it was and probably everyone will comeback playing ds1 hahaha
By Anonymous
i ship ranni and logan..Both hat a lot in common….okay il leave now
By Anonymous
what the ****
By Anonymous
They can never embrace, their hats will just bump into eachother and they will fall over :(
By Anonymous
I hat you
By Anonymous
Hats off to you, sir.
By Anonymous
turn computer off
By Anonymous
pretty big hat ngl
By Anonymous
you should have seen his ****
By Anonymous
I showed you my hat pls respond
By Anonymous
accidentally got him hostile towards me, not in the mood to farm 30k souls... im not going ot use any sorcery in my first time playing anyhow
By Anonymous
I killed Big Hat Logan while he is still not insane(note that I still have not killed Seath), after I killed Logan I go to Oswald to Request Absolution, the game said I am not sinned!?

Can someone please explain?
By Anonymous
You killed him, so he’s gone for good. Oswald can only make a character stop attacking you, as long as they are still alive.
By Anonymous
He’s a priest not a necromancer
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