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I'd like to share here a tip that might help Sorcery builds aiming at being members of the Darkwraith covenant in NG: you cannot place the Lordvessel on Firelink Altar (to keep Kaathe available), but you CAN make Logan leave Firelink Shrine, thus allowing Griggs to sell you additional units of the Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass spells (which may be helpful against Sif and Four Kings). I don't know the exact trigger, but here's the steps I took (I'm playing PTDE on PC): 1 - Freed Griggs (Lower Undead Burg) 2 - Bought all spells and rings from Griggs (Firelink Shrine) 3 - Rang both Bells of Awakening (Undead Parish / Quelaag's Domain) 4 - Freed Logan the 1st time (Sen's Fortress) 5 - Bought all spells from Logan (Firelink Shrine) 6 - Did a lot of stuff unrelated (I think) to Griggs/Logan: killed Moonlight Butterfly, Hydra (Darkroot Basin), Havel, Pinwheel, Capra Demon, Gaping Dragon and Ceaseless Discharge, cleared Great Hollow and Ash Lake (killed the 2nd Hydra), entered Chaos Servant and Forest Hunter covenants, bought all Pyromancies from Eingyi, Laurentius and Quelana 7 - Got Lordvessel (Anor Londo) 8 - Talked with Logan (Firelink Shrine), he has a different dialogue when ending the conversation 9 - Got Key to the Seal by talking to Ingward (New Londo Ruins)10 - Opened New Londo flood gates 11 - Killed both Mass of Souls (New Londo Ruins)12 - Griggs is now alone again at Firelink Shrine Sorry for the lengthy post, I hope it may be useful.Many thanks to the site owners and contributors, the guides and forums here are really helpful.
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I just did the send fortress skip, didn’t have the ring either bell and got to Anor Londo. I killed Oreo and s’mores which gave me the lord vessel. I then went to Darkroot Basin and garden , killed did for the ring, went to new Londo and killed for Kong’s, found Kaathe and entered the covenant. Just wanted to be the guy to tell you I’m a +3 dark wraith without either bell rung right now
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When he appears in dukes archives i still need 15 inteligence to buy the spells?
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By Anonymous
When he appears in dukes archives i still need the 15 inteligence to buy the spells?
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I read that some actions can make that a character doesn't go mad and because of that, they keep being alive for a long time (even until Dark Souls 3 in some cases). Andre is our blacksmith, that's his duty, Patches tricks us to steal our things, Logan sells spells. Without that, their existence is hollow. Our duty is to relink the Fire, we can't go hollow because we keep trying to reach it.
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Ok next playthrough i am gonna create a chubby sorcerer and name him Big Fat Logan.. I am pretty sure many have thought this before me but I find it hilarious
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Can conform that Logan leaves Firelink Shrine after water is drained from New Londo Ruins. Which will let you buy an additional Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass spell from Griggs.
-Remastered Edition
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Draining the water doesn't cause him to leave firelink
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The complete hollowing of characters like these always saddens my heart.
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Yeah especially the Caterina Knights.
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I was able to buy magic from Logan when I had 12 int
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How do I unlock the crystal spells? Thx in advance.
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Dude are you that lazy you can't read? It literally says how in the above descriptions
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