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ummm why he has to wear a big hat ?
Because it would be silly if "big hat Logan" was wearing a small hat
You're silly
To cover his big head
Because it draws attention away from his small wenis
He has big brain
why is he called big hat logan help


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according to the Big Hat item himself, he wore a big ol hat all the time for the purpose of solitude and from there just started getting called Big Hat Logan...cause of the Big Hat
Actually, it was his father’s name
It's because he has small feet, it's an ironic name
Can you complete his quset line without dying to seath the scaleless cuz i killed seath and then i saved big hat logan from sen fortress
I'm 99% sure you can
the spells are sold by the apprentice at the shrine ..NOT LOGAN. logan disappears after rescuing him from the cell in duke's archives. you have to buy the spells from his apprentice.


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Untrue. Although Griggs sells some of the same spells, Logan has some powerful spells available for sale that are exclusive only to him. If you look at Encounters: 3-c above, you can see that he relocates to the secret library area next to the balcony bonfire with all the chests after you free him. There, you can purchase all his spells and once you have done so and defeated Seath, he goes mad allowing you to fight him in the original room that you forcibly died to Seath in your first encounter.
He does not disappear. He is in the smaller room behind bookshelf by the bonfire. There are two rooms behind the secret bookshelf. He will sell the crystal versions of his strongest spells.
Big Fat Logan
In the room under the staircase, the key glitched out of the chest, and is gone now.
Just defeat seath and he will come out by himself although you won't be able to get the firekeeper soul in his cell
His hat is..kinda big
where is small hat larry
If don't buy all his spells at once and keep talking with him, you can realize he's slowly getting insane. Really interesting feature although depressing
if he took that hat off, would he die?
the sun would burn his face, he's got sensitive skin
It would be very painful
He could not bear the thought of only being titled "Logan", and would lose all meaning in life, causing him to go hollow shortly afterwards.