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By Anonymous
he's easier if you don't lock onto him
By Anonymous
Easy boss. Just save sif and have good armor with some decent health. Didn't even have 1000 hp and beat him first try
By greenthunder
bruh i have soul level oned the whole game and aota its easy
By Anonymous
Cap ^
By Anonymous
>ez boss
>uses summons
By Anonymous
just roll and attack lol
By Anonymous
The fact he can spam three combos before you can even stand up is a testament to how terribly unfun and unfair this boss is, literally for 10 seconds you can put your controller down mid fight and the game basically takes control of your character
By Anonymous
LOL this fight wasn't unfair at all wdym you can literally telegraph every attack he does and with some decent attention dodge them all and land a few hits. If this was unfair for you, I don't want to know what was the Artorias fight then.
By Anonymous
Yeah absolutely, this is the problem with getting up in his face. If you hang back at him from a distance he'll only do his big arm slam attack which is easily telegraphed and easily punishable. Just smack his arm after you dodge it, it hangs around in the spot it slapped for a good while. I died probably about 5-10 times when I was being all up in his face and aggro, if you hang back he's very easily punishable. I got the fight first try when just deciding to punish his arm slams. Fun? Sort of. Cheesy? Maybe?
By Anonymous
I don’t see how anyone thinks this is a fair good boss. Everything I hate about ds1 is this boss lmao. This game doesn’t age well past elden ring imo
By Anonymous
Lol. Lmao, even
By Anonymous
I got introduced to the series through ER and just finished the Manus fight after I think 3 tries? I don't see what the big issue is, his range isn't that crazy outside of one big sweep attack, his attacks aren't THAT hard to dodge, and the chain combo doesn't hurt much at all after the first big hit. I found him less relentless than Artorias, he actually gave me a chance to heal when I put some distance between us.. The combat is older and clunkier than ER sure but it feels equally satisfying in a different way. Messing up is more punishing, and finding windows to land an extra hit, or finally getting dodge timing down is super satisfying. Just my noob 2 cents.
By Anonymous
Idk if this has been said but the main page for manus says that it is unsure how his humanity went wild yet his soul seems to say that it went wild bc of his eternal search for his pendant... I might be totally wrong so feel free to tell me lol
By Anonymous
it looks like a *****
By Anonymous
Forbidden pocket *****
By Anonymous
who need they manussy ate?
By Anonymous
Soulussy, or Soussy.
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By Anonymous
Not gonna lie making a spellsword/gish build in DS1 is pretty rough when you have to pick between a catalyst weapon and a slow homing spell that works well with forcing pressure onto your opponent for melee attacks. I know neither of them are the best choices in this game but thematic builds are nice and having to ponder on which thing to take or go into NG+ is bleh. You could trade for it or whatever but idk just wish I could do it solo without an entire NG cycle and fighting Manus again.
By Anonymous
Yeah you have choice between good dark sorcery and catalyst which is great for dark sorceries.
On the bright side it has bad spell:damage economy even when using dark sorceries.