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I like the boss design alot and the background story that he is basically a mad scientist but the boss fight mechanic could be directly from Dark Souls 2. Ok it's a bit better but there is not much of a moveset or attack pattern we have to adept to. Not much of a strategy required. Together with Nito who suffers from a similar problem we'll end up with the Bed of Chaos as the only true challenge. But this is also far from beeing a classic Dark Souls Boss fight. I've never played DS1 without the Artorias DLC but slowly I understand how important it was to the game and the whole franchise to estaplish certain standarts concerning the boss fights.
you moron dark souls 2 is after dark souls 1, not before
everyone knows Slashy Souls has the best bosses anyway



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"but the boss fight mechanic could be directly from Dark Souls 2." Hey buddy, I think your brain fell out.
(You∆) *Duh.....* (Me) *You are dumb*
You might actually be dumb.
He is saying that the boss fight is of the quality of those in ds2, not that it’s actually from that game.
if the summons enter first isnt it better for 1 to go for the crystal and the second (if you are 3) goes for the tail ?
On my first attempt, I immediatly cut the crystal in the back and rushed him (i'm a melee figther). After some hits, he breathed some crystal curse and I rolled back, took a potion and immediatly rushed again just under him. After 3 times he died. I suggest that you go with two-hand to deal more damages (I had the Queelag Fury Sword +3) .

After an exhausting fight with Ornstein and Smough where I had to level up a lot. This fight seemed quite easy.
Good luck guys ;)



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thx for advice man



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I usually do this: 30 humanities, cursebite ring, two handed weapon and I'm good to go, all I do is just standing right in front of his belly and spam R1 until he dies, chugging an estus when my health gets too low
In DS3 you kill his superfan(oceiros the consumed king) and you can get his crystal breath skill
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Mad boss
I've already died to him in the first encounter twice, yet he will not move. I'm fairly certain I'm doing some thing wrong, but I don't know what that thing is
He doesn't move from the first position until you encounter him at the second in the Crystal Cave.
yeah, makes it harder for seath to see you, my ***, he spammed the tail attack until i died and he kept turning to face me even with the slumbering ring on, so he must not be blind
The slumbering ring works just fine for me. If you getting killed like this, is because you are just trying to hit his back, which he does a back attack lol
Cutting off Seath's tail was harder than the actual fight for me


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I know right, this is my story of trying to get knights honour Achievement Attempt 1: Seath, ahhhh I remember you, I had an easy time trying to kill you last time. Now I just need your tail cut off and I can kill you quickly. Attempt 2: Ok, then... Just.. KEEP....YOU...Tail still...NOOOOO stop moving around completely trapping me!!! And you cursed me....... good for you... Attempt 3: Come here Seath... come here you little three legged chicken thing... come here........AND ..... SWEET.....CURSE!!! YAY. Attempt 4. Keep your bit%h *** tail still.... Yes.. 498 DMG... HES TAIL WILL BREAK... oh just curse and kill me again. Attempt 5. Imminent tears..... But...why?
How's it feel Seath? To be a ****?
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