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By Anonymous
Is it even possible to get 2 drops in one kill? Let's say you get the Axe & Shield or the Sword and some armor piece. That would be really lucky.
By Anonymous
Worst f***ing enemies in this s***ty f***ing game!!! F*** you, Miyazaki!!!
By Anonymous
nuh uhh
By Anonymous
get good
By Anonymous
Skill issue
By Anonymous
girly physique
By Anonymous
i literally went through the entire game killing every knight before the kiln with max out item find gear. not one black knight weapon feck random drops just put it on a gosh darn merchant.
By Anonymous
unironically get a girl and touch grass bro
By Anonymous
I fatroll and I can backstap them no problem, get as close as possible and keep circling until they leave themselves open, wiki is full of **** with this "keep your distance" casul propaganda.
By GreenFox
I killed them all. None of them gave me their weapons. And when i killed a silver knight for the 3rd time i got their shield which is 1% chance to drop. Is this game mocking me? Is this too easy for you?
By Anonymous
cara o primeiro cavaleiro que eu matei no inicio do jogo já me deu a espada dele, então eu acho que é mais questão de sorte e eu nem sabia que só tinha cjance de dropa, pra mim era garantido
By Anonymous
Yes. It is. %30 isn’t a guarantee. You should look at it as you have a 70% of getting nothing.
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