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By Anonymous
Ayy guys
By Anonymous
The Black Knights aren't bosses, they're just enemies that don't respawn.
By Anonymous
They do....
By Anonymous
They are Mini bosses. No one said they were actual bosses.
By Anonymous
They are hard to kill if you don't know how this helps
By Anonymous
LOL I thought I suck because I got the shield only, but I see now that I only had a 5% chance to get it! WTF
By Anonymous
The two Black Knights you fight in the Asylum during the revisit drop Red titanite Chunks.
By Anonymous
please to a show vid for me im lost on the undade burg i am looking for all ways crits like an soureser play thru i cant spell goodly
By Anonymous
This is the easiest way to kill the knight in undead burg: https://
By Anonymous
My first fight with the one in the Burg back in 20.... (oooh that long ago??) scared me so hard I think a little bit of wee came out...GOOD TIMES!
By Anonymous
I killed the one in the burg and lucked out because he dropped his shield and I now use that shield even at sl 40
By Anonymous
come partner with me for the burg I' stuck
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