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By Anonymous
You call this a boss literally he's so *****ing easy it's funny but I enjoy fighting him although I hate going through the wheel skeletons
By Anonymous
Just run
By Deadfied
I wonder how he'd like some CHAOS FIREBALLS
By Deadfied
He didn't like him so I poked him with my sword a few times
By Anonymous
why does he only drop 3k souls for me
By Anonymous
because you touch yourself at night
By Anonymous
The mask drop is not garunteed.
By Anonymous
You must have died to one of his clones, after you killed him, then died again before you could get back to the boss room, it happend to me now ive got to keep that **** Patches safe, so i can buy the mask off him later.
By Anonymous
i think you might be right. i destroyed pinwheel, took no damage whatsoever during the fight and got no mask. perhaps i just killed him too quickly? no idea, but now i have to buy all three from patches.
By Anonymous
Beat him with a Zweihander+14, with 38 str and 11 Dex, in three hits. But those *****ing wheel skeletons outside...
By Anonymous
Dying to Pinwheel is even more embarrassing than dying to Deacons of the Deep.
By Anonymous
False, dying on skyrim is less embarrassing than dying to Deacons
By Anonymous
Tbh if you get intimidated by the amount of enemies in Deacons and don't kill them fast, you will get killed by curse
By Anonymous
Just use wrath of the gods or firestorm...
By Anonymous
The boss fight itself is easy as hecking heck, but his story is one of the better ones. I'm kinda dissappointed that we'll never learn more about him.
By Black_Iron_Bob
They should give Pinwheel 3 times as much health and have him just be a lot harder in general in the remaster. For such a cool boss idea it's sad how easy it is to kill Pinwheel.
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By LazarusofLond
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I mean honestly in ng+ he's easier than regular ng taurus demon. He is really cool though, it's a shame that he's so embarassingly weak.
By Anonymous
Did anyone go through the catacombs first on their first playthrough?
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