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By Anonymous
Not gonna lie, Pinwheel on NG+ is actually kinda scary, he now actually has a health bar, and his fire balls can completely melt your healthbar if he and his clones hit you all at around the same time
By Anonymous
F***ing bulls*** game for re***ds!!! This f***ing f***er kill me in one f***ing hit!!! F*** this game!!!
By Anonymous
Dying to Pinwheel is crazy
By Anonymous
Might as well just give up now bro
By Anonymous
Yeah, just uninstall. If you can't even beat Pinwheel and complain about Pinwheel, there'd no chance of you beating basically any other boss. Casul.
By Anonymous
“So easy”

I’ve died 4 times now

And this is my 3rd time playing this game and I’ve beaten the other 2 games a few times too

This is so sad
By Anonymous
The Wheel Skeletons are the true boss fight.

Imagine if he summoned a few of those instead during the fight, and you had to destroy them before Pinwheel could take damage again.
By Anonymous
I hate that one attack were he just stares at a wall without doing anything, easily the hardest boss in gaming history
By Anonymous
Here's how to beat him: Level int up to 99, equip your strongest spells, and go ham. You will beat his 1st-5th phases easily, before it becomes a matter of luck trying to beat his 50 other phases.
By Anonymous
the 3 pigs in majula are a more challenging boss fight.
By Anonymous
Plot twist, pinwheel is actually the three pigs but leveled up
By Anonymous
I am Pin, Blade of Wheel
By Anonymous
Im so done with this game. In his 16th phase when pinwheel uses that attack that makes him becomes more powerful than wolf, the hunter, the tarnished, john dark soul, champion of ash, the slayer of demons, demon of hatred, shura, soldier of god, rick, mist noble, soul of cinder, bearer of the curse, chosen undead, owl father, saint isshin, soul of cinder, artorias in his prime, gwyn in his prime, vendrich in his prime, manus, veldstat and fume knight, gough and ornstein, gehrman and moon presence, fully grown kosm, white fatalis, Alatreon and dire miralis combined. Its honestly next to impossible.
By Anonymous
Vendrick* my bad
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