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By Anonymous
Unbelievable broken boss, the hardest in the series by far. I absolutely cannot dodge his fireball attack and then after he knocks me down he vores me to death and looks skyward, which pisses me off and makes me blow hot air out of my ears. And don't even get me started on his mitosis ability, my god he splits into about 4.3 godecadillion versions of himself and if he doesn't vore me first, my pc will self destruct. I don't even know what they were thinking, they obviously weren't. This dude turns my dreams into nightmares, I haven't once beaten the game yet because of this mf, jesus.
By Anonymous
Wow... I think your game is broken. I killed him stupid easy in my first ever playthrough and didn't take more than a quarter of my health in damage.
By Anonymous
He was the easiest boss I fought, but the only one who’s cutscene gave me chills
By Anonymous
I'll be completely honest. As easy as this boss is, it isn't necessarily the easiest. Never died to him, but I have an easier time with Gaping Dragon than this guy, as Pinwheel at least damages me, while I usually kill Gaping without getting hit once, it takes more time, but I find the Dragon to be the easiest boss in the game.
By Anonymous
I've beat him with +5 club and leather armor m
By Anonymous
dont become the second guy to die to pinwheel
By Anonymous
hey i had a wierd event happen to me, i was in the catacombs and i went through a fogwall to find a hollow that had a boss healthbar? so i came here to find out its a well documented glitch, fromsoft what you doing? fix pls.
By Anonymous
Died during his boss fight
Realized what happend
Uninstalled the game
Uninstalled myself
By Anonymous
Before defeating it i died to pinwheel 5 times
By Anonymous
it’s ok
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